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Light Elegance Guidance Please
I am looking to try Light Elegance, I am currently a T.E.N user. Is there someone out here that would be able to make recommendations? I have a pretty even mix of overlay as well as build out gals. I do TONS of glitter, and am totally comfortable with the mixing of pigments (liquid & well as dry). Additionally I would like to try one of the it really as great as it coat 1/4 thickness of a sheet of paper total coverage??
Would I be able to use the remainder of the YN Protien Bond I currently have with the L.E?
Thank you in advance, I really appreciate it!

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Hi Tiana it's Kristen from Salem, we met out at Marie's in Dallas. I can help you with the Light Elegance . I would suggest either the Perfect white or the Swedish white . the Swedish white needs to be applied super thin , as thin as a sheet of paper - may take 2 coats and is a little more advanced to use than the perfect white call the office and see if you can get a sample to try. You can use the pigments as well. also we have educational videos on line to view and I do hold classes regularly in Salem


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