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different products lines/mentors
Hi I have been a nail tech for about a year now (gel) and feel it is of best interest to try out many products. I have bought many starter kits throughout the year trying to be well educated and being able to provide a good quality service with reasonably priced products. I am in Canada, and recently went to Nail Basics to try their line, however you have to pay I think 500 bucks to be able to buy their products. Not happening!!! I have spent money on products that I don't think are that great nor are they user friendly. These are the products I have used and this is what I think tell me if I am wrong or give me some ideas on what I am doing please.
LCN- like product, non yellowing,odourless,many different products, good color range, like the range of free flow
NSI- didnt like the white found it like cement reasonably priced not a lot of variety in product for gel, some odor
OPI Axxium found there was a lot of heat transfer to client and found them to be very pricey
INT found them to be resonably priced found they had odours, didnt like the consistency of the white not a lot of variety a lot of steps found that they didnt stay fresh looking they faded and yellowed
StarNails: slight odor hated the white, not a lot of variety
I am so puzzled.
I also went for a demo on bio sculpture and found them to be very easy to break and also very pricey to get started. Ideas nail techs? I feel like I am running senselessly to get something that isnt out there. I know that 90 percent is probably the tech but I want a miracle lol
Tasha Dick
hi, i'm not going to be much help as i'm in the same boat as you and am looking forward to see what the "experts have to say on your topic :wink:
i can say thought that the owner from TEN nail is amazing. her customer service is good old fashioned honest, the integrity is impeccable. so maybe you want to try them.. i sure will for that reason alone..and when i do i will let you know what i find if you like

anyway.. just wanted to respond to you.. it's discouraging sometimes when you post and no one responds.. so i just wanted to show some love is all Big Grin
but i'm positive they will though...i'ts just a busy world in Nail Land someitmes. ss
I think it is great that you are trying so many products that is what you should do, if you have any questions about LCN line I would love to help you please feel free to email me.
LCN seem a little expensive, but En Vogue is slightly lower and i like the consistency of the gels. I dont like axxium tho ive always used OPI, i also try alot of products. I dont like the new eco soak off gels they are too runny. I just tried shallac last night , thats nice instead of polish.
angelica maria grado
i personally would ask what are you looking for in a line? do you want something to set faster or slower and in your gel do you want to do extensions and overlays or just overlays.
now that being said i would search for someone close to you that you could travel to and sit down and have a good convo / training on what they are using and see if its something you like... now i would suggest laura merzetti simply due to i know her skill level and ability to teach
you can post for her on here or go to her facebook page she is in canada!/scratchmyback

i could suggest many good lines but with any there will be learning curves.. ten gel does get hot but there is a way to get around that just as with any gel that is going to get warm.. thats the nature of gels.. those little molecules have to run around to cure ... some get warmer than others.. but if you learn how to do them in and out correctly it is no longer an issue
acrylics are going to be based on set time so there again if you can find one that someone can show you the tricks on then it wont be a problem
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theres a few educators from TEN on here , laura is fab !!! and the gel is great too and very resonably priced, as i am not a natural gel user its great for me coz its one pot does all , lol
just moved to canada from uk , lovin it !!
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