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The MAGIC of Aurora, by Gelish
Hi guys!

Just wanting to fill you in, in case you haven't seen via fb, magazines, etc.....

The Magic of AURORA has been release by GELISH, and the are so great! They are an effect gel polish, you use them over existing colors, and they completely change the color, so you can now make your existing 80 colors into 80 new ones.

The names are fun to, lol......

Izzy Wizzy Let's get busy, my fav, kinda a silver, but looks a bit metallic as well.

Wiggle finger, wiggle thumbs, that's the way the magic comes, a blue effect color

The great google moogly, a green effect color

Close your fingers and cross your eyes, a orange effect color

Oocha coocha bing bang bam, teal effect color

Ali Babas sim Sala bam, purple effect color.

Now keep in mind they change your existing colors, so right now I have on midnight caller, a gun metal grey color, with izzy Wizzy let's get busy, so it made it like a metallic, cool plumpish shade. Smile

You can make your 80 shades, a million more with all of the layering options.

Have fun, and those that have the Aurora collection, post some pics, would love to see.

Wait till you see what's coming out this fall, OMG, REVOLUTIONARY to SOGP, Smile


Ali Babas Sim Sala Bam, a purple effect color
I ordered my Aurora EFX Gelish from NailTech Supply on a Monday and had my order on Wednesday. WOW. They are awesome. I hope the new revolutionary SOG product will have clients flocking back to salons like a "magnet". Wink
Hey girlie,

They are so much more amazing in person aren't they!!!

I don't think I can ever single apply ever, I am still amazed at the colors they make!!!

Post pics, please, lots of color options now! Smile

Glad you are enjoying, I know I am!

Everyone is going to freak with what's coming this fall, it's very cool, but MUMS the word for me for now, LOL.... Smile

i placed my order last night for foundation and TIO and i saw the magic colors but for some reason i was thinking they weren't available yet so i didn't order it. i'm still having issues with the whole sally's ordeal so i've been laying off the gelish buying for now.....but i was out of foundation and TIO and i have 50 some colors i need to i'm torn. i'm very interested in seeing pics tho.
*Loving my job since '97*

All I can say is this, have a little faith, and trust, that this is for you, to expand...... You can always quit later, if you think the companies plan is not working, but think outside of the box, on a bigger spectrum, can I call you?

If so please email me at [email protected] your phone number and appropriate time to call and I will do so.

I hope to hear from you,

Saw these in Nails mag and they are hot! Hoping to get them soon.

They are hot, I could not believe myself how they turned colors, metallic, and pop, big time, they are really hot, hot hot.

I did a fade last month with pink, blue, and green, it it so rocked.

I took up in the blue tips, Hightower voltage, sparkly pink, base, then took aurora, izzy Wizzy, and close fingers, sponged them to blend, it was so hot.

These colors so rock. Smile have fun, and post pics when you get them.
I was also referring to how FAST I got my order. Awesome. Love Gelish even more!! Lol Mums the word for me 2. Lol.
I Got Em!!! They are awesome, now if they would come out with some that are irridescant colors without the glitter, I think I could get more clients into them.
Can someone link me to the site to buy these please, Thank You... =]
#11 use POSH20 for $20 off a $100 order. It was still good when I ordered.
Ohhhhh...can anyone please post pics? : )
I just used the emerald glitter Gelish over Breeze by akzents(SP) I can never remember how to spell that. Anyway it was gorgeous! Everybody is also going crazy for High Voltage. Gorgeous! I do a lot of nail art but with these Gelish polishes people are just happy with the polish. So EASY Cant wait to add more!

Anyone have some layering combos they might want to share?
Does anyone know if the auroras will work with yn maniq gel polish or over akzentz? I'd like to try them but can't afford to get the whole system at the moment.
I'm not sure........ Sad wish I knew for ya! Are you going to the beauty show in Calgary next month? We will be there..... Come see us! Smile
I will definitely!
Is that the one in Edmonton? I can't find anything in Calgary...
I did the Orange Aurora effects over Tiger Blossom and it turned out fabulous! I tried talking tonight's client into the blue Aurora over Ocean luck. I need more fan decks from Light Elegance to show all of the possible combinations!

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