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Consumer Gel Polish
Has anyone else seen this new company that is selling gel polish to consumers:
another consumer line?
We just can't have nice things! We've been sold out, yet AGAIN.
According to the first link, it will be a consumer product.
Did you see who's representing this DIY product? A very well known industry tech. So disappointing.
What about this one too (link below), now everybody is selling gel soak off polish! I have to admit that I like their little led lamp.

I have read that also consumers (purse forum) are mixing this brand with gelish and shellac(base and top coat) with good results, this is like a gel polish soak off revolution ladies. Confusedhock:
i understand the need for consumer products, we all need to sell retail to make extra cash, I just do not think nail technicians should sell professional products to customers with teaching them how to use them properly. I know i have showed a customer or two who have fallen on hard times, how to maintain th professional products I have applied, but I did this one on one. Not as a product ambassador, but as a nail tech who can follow-up with my customer if she had any problems. There is a fine line between earning a living and making a quick buck. Just saying...
Honestly, I believe we're seeing the phasing out of conventional nail polish and this type of stuff will be the new norm. I was one of the ones extremely upset to see Gelish put in Sally's because they sell to everyone....including OTC to anyone who walks in wanting to buy a 'professional' product. BUT, all co.'s are jumping on the wagon now and so we're seeing the results.
Just as selling polish in stores didn't really hurt your business, neither will this. The same thing applies, there's lots of people who will not go to the expense or take the time to learn how to apply this stuff correctly. That's why they'll come to us.
The huge nail co.'s have proved over the years they don't care if we make money off their products by keeping them truly pro only.....the almighty dollar wins everytime.
Donna, and Nail Raising Big Grin we can repeat that till we turn blue, that clients who buy, will, and those who don't want to still come in. My clients don't even want to use regular polish. Plus a manicure is a lot more that nail polishing isn't it? So I think we will see the threads where people are upset until they do what we did and come to terms with it, and realize its not that big of a deal. Heck Donna I agree this is the new nail polish and the rest will be old news someday. (not all of it) and gel polish may be what we retail to clients as well.
The Gelish mini foundation brush is a joke, no client can give a long lasting polish job at home with that thing. And I think the consumer grade SOGP will never stand up to a salon job, just like every other service. Some don't mind the "I did my own nails" look and some will do a great job, but they won't hold like ours do.
Bottom line: Clients go to professionals because of your skills, not because of your products.

The only people who have to worry about professional and professional-type products being sold to consumers are those who don't have the skills. Even as a former pro, now DIYer, I still go to my favorite nail tech because she is so skilled, not only in her technical skills, but in her personal and business skills as well. She's awesome!

I do believe that these gel polishes are a real game-changer in the industry. Rather than bemoan their availability to consumers, pros need to work on how to use them to get women back into salons. Gel polishes respond to women's biggest complaints about polish - smudging and poor durability. Solving that has the potential to bring millions of women back to the salon or even in for the first time.
Ok, so one of my clients mentioned to me during her pedicure that she bought Gel for her nails. I asked "Is it Gelish?" She had no idea. I then asked,"Did you need to buy a lamp?" SHe said yes but wanted to know if it is one of those UV lamps and do i really need one and why?
My next client was having an SOG pedicure and I told the client to come and watch so she could see how to use it. She had no interest.
Good luck to her. She will probably have a mess on on her hands(LOL) and either it will end up in her closet or back to the store.
I am not concerned about losing clients to these at home kits. It is hard enough as a licensed nail tech to do my own nails but it is even harder fro the average person to do their own. You can't blame them for trying and everyone wants to save money these days. Sooner or later they realize it was a waste of money and its too hard to do on their own or they just can't be bothered.
Once again, the issue here is NOT an OTC product sold to the general public but WHO is is doing this. Everyone has their own opinion about selling to the general public and each opinion is valid. This is from an industry professional who is a contributor to the M'Lady book that YOU learned your professional career from. She has owned her own professional nail supply business and has taught nail tech's all over the world how to do nails. Not only is SHE doing this but she's dragged members of her past professional education team to join her.

She's teaching the general public how to do their own soak off gel nails which in turn will take business and revenue away from the professional technician.

I'm just sad that someone who sponsors a nail tech only cruise called "NTP-Nail Those Profits" is selling out her fellow nail techs.

How can we "Nail Those Profits"and be a viable professional industry if we keep getting stabbed in the back by one of our own?
AMEN SISTA !!!! nailed it.

Nobody need add anything because you said it all.

I just want to add... that i never understood why the industry covets the stylists..and we are 'just nail tech's'.... because you dont see Goldwell selling color in Walmart...but
'anybody' can do nails..they think.

Whatever guys... ppl need to get paid. Thats what this world had come to. Nobody cares anymore...soooo we need to deal with it I guess.
She knows what she did, and she definitely is keeping up w/ these posts.... but in the end--- we are responsible for our own actions and reactions.
We can use this to turn ppl into clients and maybe the public seeing this will cause them to come to the salon after they cant 'do' their nails???

Ok...peace out Smile
" Take be kind".....

Full Time single mom,
Medical Receptionist &
Part Time Nail Artist
Akron, OH
none of you saw the writting on the wall? the instant i saw shellacs advertising i knew it would end up in walmart next to the dozens of 99cent polishes, i am surpised it took this long. u all still have clients for enhancement right? even tho acrylic has been sold in walmart cvs etc for years and years.. they will try it, some will make it work.. most wont and they will either go back to polish or come to you.. this could actually turn out to be a good thing.. ms diy buys, tries, makes a mess, tells her sista how hard it was, they both make appoinments. ya'll need to focus on building your biz not what everyone else is doing
Quote:She's teaching the general public how to do their own soak off gel nails which in turn will take business and revenue away from the professional technician.
I'm just sad that someone who sponsors a nail tech only cruise called "NTP-
> Nail Those Profits" is selling out her fellow nail techs.
> How can we "Nail Those Profits"and be a viable professional industry if we
> keep getting stabbed in the back by one of our own?

I strongly disagree with you and I think it is troubling that someone who is a long-term partner in the industry and making a good product available to consumers is seen as a sell-out.

The idea that making gel polishes (OTC or professional) available to the public will decrease nail techs' revenue is, I believe, not accurate and not supported by the data. The data show that over 53% of techs added gel polish to their services last year and that 26% of revenue comes from gel services. The price differential between Vietnamese and non-Vietnamese shops is getting smaller and salon visits increased by over 20% last year. The BLS is still listing nail techs as a "hot" area of growth.

Remember, only 15% of women regularly get a professional manicures and something like half have never been to a professional. Despite the ongoing tough economic times, gel polishes are bringing women back into the salons and bringing new women into the salons. There are some transitions - some acrylic users are shifting to gels, for example. But the DIY market is also introducing a new target market not only to gel services but to the range of nail services. Survey your new customers, find out what brings them in; I think you'll see that it's gel services.

I think the gel polish DIY market will introduce more women to gel polish, and although some will continue to DIY, most will choose professional service. Compared to regular polish gel polish has a pretty high start-up cost, high maintenance cost and requires some skill. Read the DIY sites, there are lots of women there unhappy with the DIY experiment. For every client you lose to DIY, you can gain two for gel services. I think anything or anyone that get gel polish out there is doing the industry a service.

But neither my opinion or yours really matters, the reality is that gel polishes are here and they're changing the industry. We can either bicker among ourselves or see the opportunity and grab it. Ultimately, this has to be about expanding the market, not fighting over the crumbs of the existing market.
I remember a time when product sold OTC were a bit inferior to what the professionals could get. Once a product went mass market, the formula changed, it became more diluted. Ask any hair stylist who used products that only they could buy to begin with, then it went OTC. The manufacturers knew it would fly off the shelf but that without professional knowledge they would probably overuse so they made it half strength. That goes for medicines, too.
Now the co.'s don't seem to care if the public misuses their product, it's all about the $$$$'s. These gels are the real deal, same as what we use, so imo, it's buyer beware.
I'm not really for putting something like a UV gel in the hands of uninformed public but then the blogs that are out there tell everyone exactly how to use it. I'd say that a lot will try it but most won't take the time to really be good at it and will pitch it and start paying for the service.
I'm going to start investing in it, I've got more and more who're asking for it.
Are you fricking kidding me?!!!

Who wants to partner up and make some DIY products so we can cash in too??? :roll: :roll:
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Interesting to see who is behind this latest consumer product.
This is what we will be retailing in the near future. Which will be the norm, and I am waiting for that to happen so that I never have to hear about a pro line sold at Sally's again. It will just be what it is and what we sell for touch ups, just like we sell OPI, Zoya, china glaze and so to our clients on an hourly basis.
Someday in the near future we will be able to cash in on the retail aspect of caring for your new gel polish manicure. This is not the end all of manicures. Unless all you do in your manicure is apply the gel polish.

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