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Thank you Sobeit!
Thank you so much for posting the tutorials for the halloween nail art. I did my daughters nails last night and did your mummy and monster and then added a few other things and posted the pics on my facebook. I can't believe how many people now want to come in and have them done on their nails!!! It was crazy. I already did a set on a client this morning and looks like I'll be doing quite a few more.

I struggle with nail art and your tutorials helped so much!! Unfortunately my nail art pens got stopped up and I couldn't use them and let me just say it wasn't easy outlining things with the brush I had, but at least I did it. They weren't nearly as good as the ones you did, but I was pretty happy with them.

Not sure how to post pics on here, but if I figure it out, I'll post one so you can see.

Thank you again!!!
That is really awesome! I would love to see the pics, upload them to photo bucket or other free photo hosting site. Then copy the image link and paste to this section of your replies here on BT. Or show me on FB or private email. [email protected] Very exciting to hear you have requests for them.
Yes Plese post pics so we can all see !!! I'm sure they look fabulous!!!
Sobiet, I just subscribed to your new Facebook pageSmile love the tutorials & all your nail art!! Smile
CND Master
young nails
light elegance
Quote:Cindee :
> Sobiet, I just subscribed to your new Facebook pageSmile love the tutorials &
> all your nail art!! Smile
Very sweet of you, thanks.
your welcomeSmile
CND Master
young nails
light elegance

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