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Colored Nail Polish for Men!!!!!
Did you see this months Nails Magazine? On page 139 they have an ad for guy's nail polish. Its a new collection for its Couture for Men Color Polish line called "Eye Candy".
Who is ordering this?
I have men give me a hard time letting me put one coat of a matte finish.
What do you think of this?
I did hear that Men in CA get French on their toes. Sorry, but I don't like that. I know that some Rockstars where nail polish but nothing like these colors. Maybe I am just an old fart and need to lighten up?
I have a hard enough time convincing men to get mani/pedi's because they think it's gay if they get them. Can't imagine if I tell them they have to select a polish color!!
I sometimes kid around with the men and ask them what color they would like. I don't care if you are straight or gay, no colored nail polish please!
I have BB Cotoure's line of Man Glaze and I use it a lot more than I expected to! I have had to replace the Gunmetal Grey twice! Been using it for over a year. And to my knowledge all my male clients are straight.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
I guess I'm a bit old fashioned but about the only thing I want to see on a man's hands or feet is buffed healthy nails.
we have a gay male client who comes in every week, he gets his shellac, its black french, but the french line is teeny tiny and actually looks really cool!

I remember we had this rockstar like guy who played in a band and came into our school and got black gel.

Im totally cool with guys sporting a grey or black, or maybe a matte nail envy, I mean really I would love to get more men in my chair gay or straight!!!
I live in CA and have never had a male client ask for french on his toes. Not saying it doesn't happen here, I just haven't seen it personally. I did have one client (straight) who always got colored polish every time he came in for a pedicure. I had to laugh - one time he asked for a tangerine color and then came back two weeks later and said we needed to change it to something darker because people were staring and commenting and that made him uncomfortable. LOL!
Popular with the goth scene. Urban Decay came out with a great line many, many years ago with darker colors and gender neutral naming.
I also do a lot of team colors on like just a pinkie nails--with their jersey number on them.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
The topic kinda reminds me of the ad a while back with the Mom letting her son paint his toenails red. Some people were all about letting a kid be a kid and telling society that things like polish and dolls only belong to girls because that's what they have been told. When in all reality, its just an expression of self, or a personal preference. I think if a man, any man wants nail polish color on, he has to have a look that can pull it off. I don't see a man in a suite working at the Blank at Law wearing pink. But I do see the guy at the music store wearing black.
I wonder how it will go over. Maybe in big cities where the clientele is more diverse in their lifestyle, than a small town with small town people.
I hope I didn't give the impression that I am biased if men are straight or gay, cause it doesn't matter to me. I would just like some men to be open minded about getting their nails done. I'm with Donna though I prefer a man with buffed shiny nails.
If a male wants polish... Who cares. Let him bring you business!!
Just because I don't care Men wearing French on their toes or lavender and orange polish, I will gladly do it! If there becomes a market for this then I would buy the line. I would never turn down a reasonable request. I'm just not investing in the polishes now unless I get some requests. Hey, OPI has polish for dogs so I wonder if they will come up with one for Men too.
Funny you should say that....I've had the entire Pawlish line for years. There are decals for dog toenails too.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
Why couldn't I think of dog toenail decals!!!!! Now I must think of a decal for another animal. I would love to see them on a dog. Any photos?
I actually think it is cute to polish a pooch's nails. I still feel sorry for them when they are dressed up. They must feel so ridiculous. They may even resent the owner for their polished paws.
Look, if people want to pay for all this stuff I will sell it!
I think like anything--it depends on the dog. Both of my dogs get all kinds of excited if they see me with one of their sweaters in hand! It means they are going somewhere. And my little girl will even sit with her paws in the uv lamp to cure her gel polish. I will dig around for some pics of the stickers.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
So they really don' mind being dressed? I have cats but grew up with dogs and they just went outside naked. Yes they look adorable in all those cute outfots but i thought they may be too hot. The winter I can understand but I see people do it in nice weather and i feel like they must be too warm.
My Min Pin is always cold! If it is below 60 degrees, he wants a sweatshirt at least--most of the time he wants full on pajamas! My little girl just wants dressed because she is jealous of her brother, so I keep her in lighter weight shirts.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
While I was in school I did a pedicure on a male client who wanted French p/w. Had a male class mate that had to leave the room

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