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Premiere Orlando was EXCITING!! (My very FIRST nail event)
DeVaria posted this to the Nailtech Google Groups list and with her permission I am posting it here and will copy it to the Sticky posts area..

At the bottom a few notes from the veteran techs Smile

Oh goodness!! I'm not sure how many new techs are in the group but I will say that one of the best pieces of advice I received since joining the group a few months ago was
---->Go to the Premiere Orlando event.

The vets know about this gem so this post may help the newbies. I was lucky and able to save major $$$$ by staying with a friend who lived less than 10 miles from the convention center. Yay!!! The first day I felt a bit overwhelmed and lost but what better way to get over that then to dive in? I contacted Debbie about the networking event, paid and received confirmation. That was amazingly quick Debbie!!!! :-)

I attended classes during the day since the exhibit floor was closed. If a newbie has joined this group but is lurking, here are my tips for the show:

1. Do NOT apply product to your hand prior to the conference. Every class I attended asked for volunteers and I wasn't able to volunteer because I was wearing shellac. Next time I will be bare nails!!!

2. Rent a car - I used dollar rental car and received a vehicle for the four days for $64 dollars. Chat up the agent and you may receive an upgrade for one cent each day. Therefore, I had a mid-size car for the price of an economy!!

3. Do attend the networking social held on the first night. There are LOADS of free products in the swag bag AND you get the most amazing coupon book. Within that book was several coupons for free products and amazing discounts. I was in line waiting to get one of my free products when Debbie approached me asking, "Where did you get coupon book?" LOL (for the newbies, I got the book from Debbie's event LOL)

4. Chat up the techs with amazing nail designs on their hands. While in line I met Geneva and was intrigued by her stiletto nail design. I believe we bumped into each other at least 5 times afterwards and we exchanged information.

5. Do have a business card, even if it only says "student." I wish I would have created something to give out :-(

6. Don't be intimidated!! I was at the CND Booth when Jan was discussing vinylux. Later that day, one of the CND Ambassadors gave me an invite to the VIP Launch Event for Vinylux -- that was amazing. I saw Jan upon entering the "invite only" event and asked for a picture. She then said, "There she is. I saw you at the CND Booth." I think a tear formed because this woman meets so many people and she remembered me.

7. Do go the booths and asks for tips and tricks. I wasn't sure how to really ask but I knew I needed to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity of being surrounded by so much knowledge. So I waited for Holly to finish with another tech then I asked her questions about shellac and application. She gave me wonderful tips and was extremely pleasant.

8. Do go to the CND Design lab. Upon entry they gave us a free bottle of vinylux and top coat. I also played with some of the design accessories where I learned how to apply foil, etc. There was a contest that would award $500 to the design that accumulated the most instagram votes. Ten finalist were chosen and I was a finalist!!! I didn't win the $500 but I did win an introductory kit, got to be called to the middle of the CND booth with Jan where my name was announced and she informed people that I had just completed school. That woman remembers everything, we had that discussion earlier in the day.

9. Do attend the Nail Talk Radio event if they hold another one. I received free gel polish there and loads of information.

10. Do get a late flight for the last day of the show. Vendors drop prices. I'm still experimenting with what type of lacquer I prefer. On day one, Essie had polish 5 for $21. On the last day, the polish was 6 for $21!! This is a double edged sword. Although some vendors will drop pricing on the last day, if it is something that you really like, get it on the first day when supply is higher. I found that several colors would sell out.

11. Review the nail world booklet online or on the first day in the course guide. Get a game plan to hit the classes you truly want to see. Also, arrive earlier to some of the popular classes (Young Nails, etc.) because the seats will fill quickly.

12. Register early at Salon Centric to get $20 off the registration price. Since I was a student, I was able to get $10 off but $20 is muchhhhh better LOL. Also register early enough to have the e-pass sent to you to avoid standing in the longgggg e-pass reprint line. I was in that line :-(

13. Wear comfy clothing. I wore jeans and flip flops the entire time. Walking from the parking lot to the side where nail world is held, is a longggg walk. Even longer if you have to park at the hotel garage across the street.

14. Be prepared to pay for parking. It was $15 each day.

15. Leave your hotel, house, etc early enough to allow for traffic, parking and walking so that you make it on time to the class.

16. Pack a lunch/snack/water. On the first day, I didn't eat lunch because I wanted to attend so many classes. It wasn't until the evening I had a chance to eat. There was a cafe there, but bringing your lunch is another option.

This event was amazing and I cannot wait to try out the things I have learned!!!!

Veteran show go'ers comments:
A car is not 100% necessary if you stay at a hotel with a shuttle or if the trolley goes past on the same route as the convention center

Don’t forget a sweater, the convention floor and the classrooms can be a bit chilly Wink

Bring an extra bag to put your purchased items in, or they have a FED EX on the floor that you can ship your items. they wrap it up for you!!

(DeVaria added..)
I would also like to add to bring a tablet, audio recorder or laptop. I had my laptop and was able to type faster than the techs taking handwritten notes. Next year, I hope to have a tablet with a keyboard attachment, much lighter. I would also suggest bringing your phone charger. Many of the rooms have available outlets and I was able to charge my phone while it was on silent during the classes.
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