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Disaster pedicure for client in AZ
I was wondering if some tech can help me
I have a client who went to AZ & she got a pedicure at a Mcsalon.
It was horrible, she was cut cut down to the subcutaneous fat layer. which required 3 stitches to close it!

I am not sure what kind of tool was used..she mentioned it was some type of metal scraper?

She did not finish the pedicure, left the salon & went straight to the ER where she had the stitches done. shots etc..
The salon denied any wrong doing by saying she was making it a bigger deal that it was
AND since my client left the salon without paying.. the Salon called the cops on her b/c of it! Then today the cops went to the salon to talk to them & they denied ever using any type of metal scraper on her.

Can anyone fill me in on how to advise her what to do? I mean what are the AZ laws with pedicure tools? I have never seen or heard anything like this before happening in the salon work in.

I have a pic of the injury but can't seem to post it here..

please help Huh

Some states will accept a complaint filed by another professional.. but I am assuming you are not an AZ resident, nor is your client? She was just visiting??? Anyway I would call the AZ board to see what the correct procedure is. If you are not AZ - and your lady is not AZ who knows what they will do... I might take her online to a beauty supplier and show her some tools to see if you can determine what they used. You can probably look up the AZ rules online, tho sometimes they are hard to find, let me know and I will see if I can find them. But.. here is the big one.. almost every state has a clause in their laws "beyond the scope of practice". As nail technicians we are NOT allowed to do anything "invasive". A cut that bad that it required an ER visit and stitches and shots (tetanus I assume?) is obviously an invasive procedure - even if it was an OOPS.. the skin was invaded - there is no questioning that - an invasive procedure would be considered "outside the scope of practice" and therefor the board should be addressing the issue.

I have 2 people I am going to send this to.. one is a state board member in another state. the other maybe lives in AZ (or CO?? I forget) and has been an expert witness in such cases. Since I have your email address here I will ask them to contact you directly with any help or suggestions.. hang onto those pics.. have her write out a detailed account of the experience, names times, ER, Dr bills, police everything and anything..

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She now lives in AZ.
Thanks so much
I will email her a few pics of pedicure tools. I have an idea of maybe what they used. She said it looked like a metal cheese grater.

How do I load up a picture? maybe you can tell what was used? It is REALLY bad!

I am still in shock of the pic she sent me
Sue, I am a Indiana State Board Member of Indiana, if you will privately email me the info, name, pics etc, will personally contact Arizona and see if I can get things moving. Please let your client know, she needs PROOF, any proof, that this happened. It is all about the attorney being able to prove in court. Diana Bonn [email protected]
Hi Sue.. the image needs to be online and you can link to it.. you can attach it to me and I will post it for you if you cant figure it out.. there is a post explaining how here see if that helps.. I see Diana replied.. and another gal should be contacting you privately. This is a serious situation that should not get kicked to the corner... If they are using one of those cheese grater callus tools.. it may or may not be prohibited by AZ law or rule, but the cleanliness of the (whoa Internet Explorer just auto corrected my spelling whoa... nice job Microsoft!) tool may be in question as well if the salon caused the cut they need to be responsible for her medical bills.

Debbie webmaster - admin Feed Your Nail Addiction shop smart, brand name professional products for professional results

Thanks Diana,

I send you the pic & salon location info.

thanks again

Sue, it sounds like you are getting tremendous help as to what to do or recommend for your client. the only thing I would add, is to make sure your client reports this incident to state board and files a complaint. It may end up being the only thing that can happen, but maybe it can stop this type of thing from happening again.

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