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Question regarding paraffin application
I remember NTR posted on their facebook of a tech in Texas (I think) that used disposable gloves to apply the paraffin to their client's hands. I thought that was pretty cool since the client could sit with it for a bit if need be and their hands were still useful. Has anyone used that technique with success? I tried it a few times on coworkers and it was much too hot for their hands. I even tried playing with the amount I put in the glove but that didn't work either. I know I could always just do the "baggie method" by pouring some in a bag and swishing it around, but I really wanted to use the gloves. Big Grin
I use viva paper towels dipped into the parrifin wrapped around hand/feet, then a baggie to hold heat in. Clients love it because it is sanitary Smile
These are pretty cool and economical.
I've been using Eco-fin for quite a while and love it. You can heat in hot towel cabi and promote to Clients getting their hair done... The fragrances are awesome. I like the fact it is real nice as far as the application is concerned...
To make the best nails is to do the best you can!!

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