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salon compensation question
I've been @ a salon a couple of months-- 1st position!
I have been getting my hair done there a few yrs. So in talking while in school we decided to give nails a shot (AGAIN) at salon.
She's there 30 yrs.
She offered- 60% me 40% her split on service, she provide table , space, insurance coverage, and will feed me her clients..... I provide ALL supplies- which most of I drag back & forth..... she's not setup for Pedi but has a chair for me & I use a portable home type spa. She's got a sign for me too.....
I've gotten some good steady clients, I'm there 3 days. I'm doing craft/vendor shows to promote my (and her) business-- I made a FB page, twitter, I create Flyers, I go to places......
At a recent Vendor show yesterday -when speaking to (very interested) potential clients - I got some "not good feedback " about her. This wasn't the first time. She's a strong personality- tells it like it is- but some clients are with her years- just stop in to say HI or bring Coffee to her......others feel she's a talker about peoples business to others people (I've seen this) (bad language) I don't think it's in a bad way.... I think she's trying to talk about people to find other resources to help people. She's VERY demanding--I was @ vendor show with another employee-- she kept calling, texting, calling- finally called The other girl--- I was networking her business on my $$$$
A client of mine cancelled Appt the day before but wanted nails done that day-- she told me I had to do it after vendor show or else because these people know people & Can be a good source of referrals..... I went & did appointment of course.
I spoke about this to a few friends- who think I'm crazy for staying. I spoke to two other salons recently- one offer was 40% & tips- she provides everything! That's about 20 minutes away, where I'm at is walking distance now! The other salon is a few minutes away but I didn't talk $$ yet.

Am I nuts lugging everything back & forth-gels, uv & LED lights, polish, tools , all products etc....that I paid for & giving her 40%? While I promote myself & the salon???? I won't leave all my stuff there- I still do a few friends/ family @Home etc....

Thoughts & Advise APPRECIATED!!
Is she paying you as an employee? Paying your taxes, workman's comp, unemployment insurance? If so, she should also be providing supplies, I would think? It sounds like a mixed bag. The only way to know is to run all the numbers for the three different salons - using the variables of menu prices, what you need to pay for, etc. There's not enough information here to give an intelligent answer in regards to the financial end of things. As for taking the products home, it sounds like that's your choice - wouldn't you still be doing that at the other locations?
Nail Tech/Owner
Hi- thanks! I work as employee. The scenario is employee @ all salons.

The other locations provide all products & supplies. I would walk in & Work for 40% of the profit of the Service plus tip. I wouldn't bring supplies at all.
Where I am at- I bring all uv gels, gel polishes, acrylic, uv lamp, led lamp, alcohol, acetone, nail polishes, files, pedi supplies--etc. For 60% plus tip.
The basics I leave @ shop, but all my gels, acrylic, polishes, lamps, get transported each time as I said I still will do family & friends & need my stuff & can't afford to buy double of everything.... as I said where I am at- not much walk in so far & I'm doing the bulk of advertising, coupon creating & honoring......
Well, if the other locations would be treating you as an employee, then they will be paying 7.65% in Soc. Security, plus about 6% in unemployment insurance/workman's comp, plus maybe 2.5% to credit card fees, plus figure on average 10% for supplies & equipment/tools (that's probably low). So, your 40% plus all that is really more like 67%, so maybe not a bad deal. Of course, that doesn't take into account menu prices - for a true apples to apples comparison you would just need to look at what 40% or 60% actually comes out to.

I've built my salon in an area where I don't really get walk ins, and it can be done - just needs more building on referrals, which is primarily how I did it.

Bottom line though, money isn't everything, so when you factor in reputation, drama/no drama, built in clients... only you can decide that. Best of luck to you!
Nail Tech/Owner

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