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Cuccio Colour Veneer - anyone used this
I just got the gel polish Cuccio Colour Veneer and haven't tried it yet but wanted to know if anyone else has tried it and if so what are your thoughts? Also, when using it over acrylic nails do you have to use the base? When I use Gelish I never use the base on the acrylic, only 2 coats of color then top it off.
This is the gel polish? I just ordered 1 bottle to try it! If so i was confused- what's 100% polish free? The info says that!
The Colour Veneer is the gel polish. I'm not sure what's 100% polish free. I'm new to this product line. I've always used Gelish and I'm happy with it but I liked the colors offered by Cuccio.
How is the wear on this product? Application?
100% polish free means it doesn't have solvents in it (Gelish does). I've been using Cuccio for several months now - everything they claim about it is true! I really like Mani-Q, and use Gelish somewhat grudgingly so as to have more colors available, and now I have added Cuccio. I have to say, as much as I love Mani-Q, the Cuccio top coat seems even stronger, so I've switched to using it regardless of which brand of gel polish I'm using. The base coat seems comparable to mani-Q. All of the Cuccio colors I've used so far (I think 8) have gone on flawlessly in 2 coats, with no shrinkage (just like mani-Q).

For my experience, I have some clients who can't wear Gelish without chipping, and most won't get chipping with mani-Q. For the few that I had where they were chipping somewhat regularly on a few nails even with mani-Q, they are now getting NO chipping since I switched to the Cuccio top coat. I now feel like I have the perfect gel polish system in place.

Application is quite smooth, and it wears very well, still with plenty of shine when they come back in.
Nail Tech/Owner
Thanks-- love Gelish- but same issues here!!!!
Candice is correct.. some gel polishes are a mix/hybrid of gel & nail lacquer - you will know that it is a mix/hybrid when you open the bottle and you will smell polish. That means it has solvents in it. The Cuccio Veneer (and several others) are solvent free - pure soak off gel.

So what does this mean to you? It means an odor free application (the cleansers have an odor but minimal and disperses quickly). Personally, I have found better long lasting applications with pure gel products.

ctonramk: The application instructions are posted at the site:
right there at the top the color charts and application instructions are linked for you Smile

As for wear, like any other gel polish it depends on proper application as well as your client's behaviour Smile On most it should stay great for2-3 weeks with no chipping.

See the line here:

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Thanks-- you really do learn a lot here! I was telling a few classmate's about this & since it's a brand they haven't heard of they poo-poo it! I have been trying different products- looking @ application wear costs smells- knowing I will have some products work better then others. Gelish is great..... I have clients wearing it 21 days no problem & others can't hold it past 5 days-- troubleshooting with other products! The only downside is cost of buying all the steps to use to do this!!!! Base top coat polish...... I'm very interested to use this when my order comes in from Shoppe Star :-)
Just FYI, and I know the manufacturer's don't recommend this, but I have had no trouble at all mixing the systems. As long as each layer is cured properly, you shouldn't have a problem. I primarily use the mani-Q base coat (though the Cuccio works just as well), but I have two clients who actually get better wear from the Gelish base coat and I have no idea why! So, for me, I would just have one base coat and one top coat, then use whatever color the client wants from the three systems I carry (mani-Q, Cuccio & Gelish). Most clients are fine with any of the three color systems, but I do have some that always chip with Gelish, and some who can now wear the Gelish if I use the Cuccio top coat... no one's nails or lifestyle is the same. But the real point is, you don't have to have complete systems for each line.

Just another point - the Cuccio line will seem like it costs much less than mani-Q, but remember that it is in a smaller bottle. While the end price is a bit lower than mani-Q, it's not as significant as it appears just by looking at the bottle price!
Nail Tech/Owner
I'm not familiar with Mani-q - is that Young Nails?
Yes, mani-Q is Young Nails gel polish line.

Bowie, MD
Thanks!! I have gotten free samples from YN on their acrylic & uv gel & it's pretty good!! I'll look at the Mani-q too
For those of you that have questions about the Cuccio Colour Veneer - check out this Sunday's Nail Talk Radio - our guest is Elaine Watson - the Director of Education of Star Nail.

She can answer all of your questions regarding these, and other Star Nail products.
Does Cuccio Veneer soak off easily?
I personally don't soak off gel polish - I use the e-file to buff it off, so I have no idea!
Nail Tech/Owner
1. Using a 180 grit file, thoroughly remove the shine from the Veneer Top Coat.
2. Saturate a cotton ball with Conditioning Soak Off Solution (be sure to shake the bottle before using to evenly distribute the conditioning emollients) and apply the cotton ball to the nail.
3. Wrap the nail with a small square of foil.
4. Depending on the length of Veneer wear and exposure to sunlight, soak off time will vary. (7 to 10 minutes). For faster removal, Veneer files off very easily with a 220 grit file or gentle e-file bit.
5. Once removed, be sure to clean the nails THOROUGHLY of any oil left from the Conditioning Soak Off Solution before re-applying your Veneer.
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What are your thoughts on the cuccio gel polish? Did you have any of your clients try it? If so, how did they feel about it? Is it difficult to remove? We currently carry opi, gelish, and perfect match. We really like perfect match the most. Cuccio has a lot nice gel colors and Im curious to try them.
Fong (Golden Nail Salon & Spa - Stow OH)
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I actually have it on my own nails for well over 2 weeks.. coming real close to 3 weeks.. shine still nice, no chips, wear, no breakage, peeling.. none of that..

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Finally had a client who was willing to wear the gorgeous red I got from Cuccio. I used it over acrylic with absolutely not problems. Great coverage, no wrinkling and the top coat has fantastic shine to it. I definitely WILL be getting some more of this!
which red was it Donna??? I've got Moscow Red Sqaure on and its lovely.. tonight I switch to Scician Summer.
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does it need to be stirred or shaken? So far I'm loving this stuff!!
To keep the Veneer at the proper consistency and to prevent any separation, it should be shaken before use, but stirring is good method also. The Metal Mixing tool is available at
[Image: eco-1287.jpg]
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It doesn't need to be stirred, for sure! I don't shake mine unless a color has been sitting unused for a while, then I few rolls in the hand has it ready to go.
Nail Tech/Owner
Candice.. you use them give or take evry day.. me not so much Smile My own every 3-4 weeks and ocassionally a friend or 2.. Just put sciilian summer on tonight.. lovely color.. not a real true red, a little on the orage side.. but a light frost shimmer to it.. very nice..
ya, my phone takes crappy pictures.. but you get the idea Smile
[Image: 6c76bb8da04873dbb75fea13d736f787.jpg]
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That is a current favorite color at my shop - it's gorgeous in person! (picture's not bad either lol)
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