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Perm & Color
Hey just need advice. is it wrong to make you client wait to get the perm or do you double process them that day. ive done her hair before and i dont think it can handle a grey coverage color and a perm in the same sitting
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make her wait - you do the perm first so you don't rise stripping some colour with the perm after.
I'd honestly make her wait a week, it also depends if you're lightening or just depositing, but I would think with the grey coverage, your going to just deposit with a higher volume... I'd still make her wait!
I've seen so many disasters with stylists doing crazy things to themselves with perms/colours... I wouldn't risk it with a client!
I personally always make a client wait between services especially after a texture service such as a perm or a relaxer. With Perms so many bonds have been changed in the molecular structure of the hair that adding a color service on top of it will potentially damage the hair and you cannot guarantee 100% that the color result is going to be exactly what you want it to be.

I am aware that there are perm brands out there such as Tressa that claim you can do both a perm and color in the same appointment but I as the stylist (and for my reputation) prefer to have the client wait 3 days before the second chemical service.
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IS the red hair colour or natural, if its colour it may fade abit depending on the perm used. and just ask for a body perm, they will give u very loose curls. it will stay for good until your hair grows out, getting a perm means you are breaking the bonds in your hair and forming them again permanently, it will relax alot tho within the first few weeks if you have very long hair.
Of course it's better to make your client wait in this case. Moderately from 7 to 10 days. Otherwise your client will be more prone to the damaged hair rather beautiful colored perm hair.
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