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Salon owners...I need your help!!
I dont know what to do! As the owner of a nail salon, i recently expanded and took on a hair dresser. She rents space from me and i am in no way her boss and have no say in what she does. The rent she pays helps out so much with my business expenses and i do like being able to offer more services, the problem is she kinda sucks at doing hair. My clients that went to her will not go back because she messed up their hair to much. Myself and my husband had to go home and fix our hair after she cut it and i would NEVER let my clients walk out of the shop looking the way hers do. She has been in business for 7 years and when i casually said something about continuing education she just shrugged it off. I dont think she realizes how untalented she is...or she doesn't care anymore. She has signed a year lease. What would you do in my situation?
OH my, you have a difficult situation, don't you! Did you not have a stipulation in the contract that you can give her 30 day notice? If not, then you may have to wait it out. If so, give her notice. It is not worth keeping her around for the rent if your shop gets a bad reputation. Might I suggest next time that you have the next person demonstrate what they can do?
Thanks for your input. I assumed that because she had a clientle and has been doing hair for 7 years that she would be decent. Well you know what they say about assuming lol. And to make matters worse, we are from the same town and lived across the street from each other since we were born, but she was more just an aquaintance than a friend. It is stated in our contract that i can give her a 2 weeks notice but unfortunatly with my life right now and my husband back in school, that extra money comes in very handy. Ugh!
You can tell someone there is an elephant in the corner, and no amount of telling them will make them see it until they're ready to see it. That being said, you are doing and injustice to your reputation as a salon owner.. something that might be hard to overcome... Trust me I know.. I've been through it. Is there any way you can have a frank discussion with her, again? I have a hairdresser in my salon that knocks down close to $100,000.00 and it is because she is good and gives a good haircut and coloring. She works her tail off and she does alot of continuing ed. Maybe you can plant the seed, that with a little education she could and should be making 1/2 that. doesn't your state requirer cont. ed? hth
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As long as she pays her rent on time, keeps her license current, isn't disrupting the salon environment, and isn't breaking any violations of your states code I'd honestly just let her do what she does.

If I owned a booth rental salon there would be signage present so clients would be made to understand that she is her OWN entity, she does NOT work for you, and you cannot personally vouch for her skill or technique. If you could endorse her work with a clear conscience it would be nice, but since you can't...don't. Your good name is NOT associated with her level of work. In THIS economy...thank God for a steady renter. CoolCool
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I hear ya mysweet, i am very lucky n thankful to have a renter. Now please, give your opinion on this...seeing i have known her all my life, so maybe more as a friend, do i nicely say to her that i feel more education would be in her best interest or keep my mouth shut?
Well since she actually has a clientele like you say, then she has found a market for her talents (or lack thereof) somewhere! So I'm not sure if I'd bring it to her again for the sake of your friendship. I'd just share how much continuing ed has personally helped your career and invite her along for girls weekends to trade shows that offer classes with the hope that she'd become inspired.
Crazy in l Heart ve with Cuccio!

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