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Soak off Gel Polish - which do you use/have you used?
Since I'm relatively new, I'm trying to work out some kinks and decide which product lines I'd like to use (based on what's available to me!)

Right now I use the Axxium SOG Polish and for the most part, people are quite happy with it.

One of the suppliers here uses Axxium with another line (base from one, colour from another, sealer from another)... can you/should you mix?

Shellac seems to get great reviews from most people here too, but the CND light is not affordable here (for me anyway!), so I went with axxium.

Just wondering which ones others use and what you think?

The ones I can get here are Axxium, Shellac, OPI Gel Color and Gelavish, IBD... possibly more, but I haven't seen much.
I only use Gelish now I like it, but last time gave me a nightmare to remove it.

I have used Shellac at school and when I did my internship it was ok, did'nt like the shrinking, but I still want to give it another try, maybe one of this days we can find a good deal, I know that lamp is kind of pricey for me too.

Also I want to try NSI as I've read here that works great. Smile, will see.
I have several lines (Shellac, Gelish, P2, Polish Pro, Gelify & Eco) and my clients invariably always choose Gelish. Citing various reasons: wearability, color choice, ease of removal, nat nail health, versatility with art and the small bit of added strength to their nails.
C-C My Nails
Newcastle, WY
I posted a reply on my blog about how to get a hold of akzentz Big Grin
BornToBling :
> I posted a reply on my blog about how to get a hold of akzentz Big Grin

I saw that - thank you!! I will give her a call!
BornToBling :
> I posted a reply on my blog about how to get a hold of akzentz Big Grin

Hi Kyllie, I read your blog, I like it Big Grin .

I have some questions about YN, should I ask on your blog, or maybe send you an email? let me know please.
Thank you.
I'm just getting started using sogp, and I've tried about 3 brands now. I started with Gelish then have tried some other brands that carries.

If you'll go to their web site, click on gel polishes, you'll see they carry lots of different brands. I've bought some of the ibd colors and I sure like them, some are under $8! What I like about that co. is that I have access to a lot of variety in one place along with other supplies I need.

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