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Footsie Question
Hello my fellow techies.
Im thinking of getting one of these does anyone have a pic of their setup that i could see?
I saw that beliva has a nice chair for theirs is there anything like that for the footsie thing?
It seems that most people on here give the footsie high marks. Anyone use Beliva?
Has anyone seen that YN is coming out with an entire kit for waterless pedis.
Anyone have any thoughts on it

Cindy : )
[Image: CIMG0118.jpg]

I have the Pibbs chair for my Footsie Bath - but an identical version is available for the Belava. I like it a lot Smile. The chair is super comfy and the massage functions are great. I hardly ever use the "vibrate/massage" functions in my Footsie, just the heat, because the vibration is just kind of noisy and doesn't do much as far as relaxation goes. I do use a doorstop to keep the drawer from sliding out when a client puts her feet up on it, and I don't really care for the random open spot beneath the footrest (as you can see, I put a towel in there for each client so the cleanup is easier - its really just needs to be filled in tho!). That black box to the right is a "shelf" a friend of mine made so that my UV lamp can sit under the footrest for Shellac pedicures... definitely something to think about if you do gel polish pedis. I have a rolling cart that all my supplies are on...and yea! Like I said, I love it, and my clients really like it too!
I have 3 of those chairs in the salon (we use the Footsie Baths as well). You can get them from Pibbs. Sorry - not sure what the website is. Clients comment on how comfy the chairs are. Each chair comes with heat and vibration - not really massage. The chairs also recline and are adjustable forward and back. We also use a door stop to keep the base from sliding further out. I haven't had any problems using my UV light when doing rockstar or gel polish. I simply put it on top of the foot cushion and have the client place their foot inside. The back of the light just rests on my problem.

I also agree with Trina. I'm not sure why the manufacturer has an open space under the foot rest. It's just a trap or catch-all for nail clippings, foot filings and dust. Great idea Trina to put a towel in there to help with clean up afterward and also keep stuff from falling in there!
We also have three of the Pibbs chairs and have the Pibbs footbaths. We are sending them back constantly because they just don't hold up through all the pedis we do. We're thinking of puchasing the Footsie baths as well but we weren't sure they would fit. Do you have any pictures of the footbath with the chair open?? Does the chair close with the footbath in? When I do Shellac on the toes I put a board across the hole and slide it back and forth. Do you have a picture of how you use the light with your gel polishes? Is it worth getting the basket to go with the Footsie bath?? I'm sorry I'm asking a lot but any feed back would be great, I gotta convbince my boss to get moving on this. THANK YOU!!!! Kelly* :lol: :lol: :lol:
I also have the Pibb's chair, but I use the Belava tub. Love it! The one drawback with the Belava tub is that it is shallow ... I always end up with water splashing out (not enough to be bothersome, but enough to drive me crazy sometimes) The Footsie is deeper.

And the "random open spot" that TrinaLuna speaks of in her post? I store all my bottles there ... lotion, cuticle remover, oils, etc. I love it.
I have the Footsie and our salon has a platform with a comfy antique chair. I think the basket is essential to lift the liner out for emptying the water. At home I have a Kayline unit thet has space for the Footsie, drawers for supplies, a footrest and the stool portion has a back. I use an executive office chair with that one.

Thanks ladies! The pibbs chairs sound great. They might be a bit big for my space though. I really liked the way the belava chair looked but i think im leaning towards the footsie. That Kayline unit looks Sweet! Does anyone know if the footsie bath would fit the Belava chair... i may just end up using the pongo chair from ikea for now...but i really like that kayline unit. Can you tell im a little confused?!? I might wait a bit to see about the YN kit for waterless thats coming out. The only thing is i just saw a footsie for 110 dollars and maybe i should grab that cause its a good price. See
thanks for posting the pic Trinaluna
I have the Belava Indulgence Chair and tub/liners. At first I was having a very hard time adjusting to the I had previously been working with a pedestal and recliner office chair with the tub/liners. A friend of mine designed and installed a riser for me and it is now much better. He added 8 inches and my back thanks him every time I do a pedi!! It took some getting used to but I love it......

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