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Really hoping someone will advise me!!
I have just found this website tonight and am so thrilled! I am a new nail tech and really want to get some opinions on the best soak off uv gels.....also would like to know if hard gels are really better. What brands are economical and quality?? Really could use all the help I can get here. I appreciate any and all comments! Thanks!
Welcome to the forum. There are a million answers to your questions. I doubt that any of them will be wrong, just different. I use a soak off gel (nailite gentle gel) for doing toes and things like prom nails, where the girls don't want to wear them real long. I do that over tips. For natural nails, I use soak off gel polish, for the most part. Mostly I use ECO soak off or nailite soak off colored gel. To sculpt and fill nails, I use a hard gel. There are two different ones that I use. TEN and Nailite Stylus or French, or even extra hard. I've tried to get down to just one line and I can't. I like them both a lot. If I want a really thin nail and am not doing a lot of embedding, I use the TEN. If it is someone that likes a thicker nail (usually a young girl) I will use the stylus. I am not saying stylus is thick, you can just apply it thicker without that heat spike. It is great when I am embedding stuff. I also often when sculpting, lay down the first layer with TEN, cure, do another thin layer out on the tip with TEN and put my art in that and then the next layer or two is Nailite. It works for me to do it that way. I always use Linkage from Tuff Enuff nails or something wonderful bonder from nailite. For hard gel, I always use High Gloss tackless sealer.

It is my OPINION that Nailite has the most economical quality products. They have an awesome Monday sale and they are always willing to send samples. You could sample their gel without even having to make a purchase though I can't imagine not finding something on their site. I've bought some lamps from them, brushes and the gel products for about 3 years or more now. I have an order that will be delivered tomorrow. Gel, soak off color and 10 bulbs.

I recomend trying at least several lines, getting any help you can, document what type you are trying to see what it looks like a few weeks later.

Oh, I use TEN pigments to make colored hard gel. Love it.
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Brenda gave a great answer, just wanted to let you know if you decide to try TEN, (Tuff Enuff Nails), you contact me with any questions you might have. There's a link at the bottom of my post that will take you to the web site. Register to see the prices....... Big Grin
My favorite hard gel is "extra hard gel" by Nailite Inc. Their Stylus gel is good too. Both gels are very affordable, and I've tried most popular gels on the market.

Shellac is my favorite soak off gel polish. Works great over hard gel and awsome on natural nails. Only negative is not very many colors.
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I am an NSI girl through and through, I use there Balance Gels (hard gel). But I next to never use Gel unless it is on toes. I do mostly NSI Attraction Acrylic. I haven't bought into the soak off gel's or hybrid Polishes yet as I have had only a couple people ask for it. If you contact NSI they will send you free samples. There are alote of good products out there it is just personal preference. But ask questions there are alote of not so good products out there as well. Good luck and have fun finding out what works for you Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

Love CND's Shellac gel polish. The one thing I especially like about it is that it is a combination of polish components and gel. Looks like regular polish which gives it some flexibility, but wears like a hard gel. Goes on easy, soaks off quick, leaves the natural nail in the same condition as started and you can layer your colors to make other colors, which in the end saves you money.

Welcome to the board!! :wink:
I have tried many soak off systems and by far GELISH is the winner for me. I have not had one issue since I got it. It is not as temperamental as the others, and has the most colors to choose from 72 and continually adding more. I even use it with my hard gel clients too, they are also loving GELISH. I have even converted some of my die hard, hard gel clients to using gelish only. As a matter of fact I have been wearing it for the past month and a half, and I have not had to cut my nails short to accommodate the thin soft effect of removing hard gels, my nails are doing fantastic, and I am in acetone and water all day every day, and barely have any wear and tear on my free edge. This product is the bomb in my opinion.

As for hard gel, I use various products, love my stand by T3 Fibergel in pink and clear from Starnail, I buy it from Premier Nail Source and they often have BOGO sales on it, that is the only time I buy it, its usually $24.95 a jar so I get two for that price. Its a one step product, and works great. I also love Akzentz from, They have one step, and multi step products and they also have really nice colored gel, that goes on like a dream. As far as my very favorite colored gels, I love love love Light Elegance colored gels they are amazing.
Awesome!! Thank you all so much for your input!! I do really appreciate it and love looking at this forum!!!
Love my Shellac! I am going to try Bio Sculptural Gel for enhancements, I like the idea of a hard gel that soaks off.
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I use the nailite gels being newer to gels and I love them for sculpting and overlays. The stylus is awesome. I think that there are so many good gels on the market, it's basically a case of just trying out some sample sizes of things to find what you want.
I'm going to put my vote in for all NSI enhancements. I love Gelish, Eco so quick, shellac and polish pro. Polish pro gel polish by NSI Has pretty special effect glitter coats that are way fun on any color. The gel polishes don't wear like any enhancement as they are still very flexable and they are not strong by any means like a hard gel or acrylic. They are great polish replacements that last several weeks. I have taken a lot of clients away from enhancements and gone to gel polish. But it's different. NSI has some serious customer service skills and will take good care of you. They have one of the only true white acrylic colors. It's not gray in shade like several. They have nice coverage pinks, and soft white and the acrylic is great to work with. The balance gels are a easy one step with builder gel and you can use glaz n go to seal the gel or acrylic or you can use the perm gloss and or the clear gel if you like instead.
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eco UV Soak Off Nail Color is both economical and high quality!

You can receive a sample of eco Soak Off UV Nail Color by filling out the form at the web site - the link is below in my signature. With 50 colors including glitters, I personally prefer the brand over the other because of the fact it is in pots not polish bottle, as well as the application method. I have gone more than 6 weeks with no lifting, peeling or chipping with eco on my own nails.
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ive used all sorts ogels, brisa, axxium, eco, starnail acrygel, gelish...gosh you name it and i've done it! i am in love iwth my gelish! i didn't think i would be because i was appaled at their descision to go public but if they hadn't i never could have gotten my hands on it. Its great durable and has a great color selection. for hard get I use the Star nail Acrygel. i dont do lot of hard gel clients but i love how clear and tough it is and its very inexpensive for what you get and its got a great shine! good luck and welcome to the business!
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If you haven't tried Eco by star nail please follow the link below...the product is awesome, very cost effective and our bottle formula is due out in January.

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