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Carpal Tunnel
Any suggestions on how to deal with carpal tunnel?
Sometimes the wrist brace helps, but not always and I can't easily wear it during a pedi.
Find myself constantly having to stop and shake my hand to make the tingling and numbness stop.
get the surgery and save yourself a lot of time and pain
Get a physical therapist that will prescribe you a list of excercises to do to help get that nerve pathway back into shape and ergonomic methods of doing those things that you do everyday to reduce the strain. I still have issues, but not near as bad.
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I don't have carpal tunnel, but instead have cubital tunnel syndrome which is in the elbow, I did physical, therapy as recommend and it didn't do anything. Tried stretching the nerve and so on, but the nerve is pinched between the bone, so they said keep the elbow straight. Ok sure, like that will work for any part of life. My ulnar nerve is pinched cause is the underside of my forearm, as well as my pinky to middle finger and plan to be numb tingly, and sore. It sucks. I am not doing surgery until absolutely necessary. I don't know if cubital and carpal are the same type of deal.
My right hand was going numb and especially the fingers. I was dropping my file. I had Surgery and Ther are fine now. They still ache at times, but I just wear my brace to sleep for a few nights and keeep of my computer and I am okay again, it happens when I am busy with the nails and on my computer alot.
you all know how much I am on the computer, I filed (hand) for 15+years.. the nly time my wrists hurt is is I start playing soliatire online Smile all that clicking gives me tingles.. I am a deep advocate of using keyboard commands and a rollar ball type mouse.
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Just wondering if everyone having problem use efile or hand file?
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I'm curious too. E file or hand file giving people more trouble?

I find that my fingers go numb more when I'm doing a set of artificials, but I do them with a hand file.
Keep in mind that some carp. tunnel is not really that. It can be a pinched nerve in your neck/shoulder.
I personally thought I suffered from it but turns out I don't. Thank God! All it took was a trip to a chiropractor and had a couple adjustments. Problem solved. Smile

Best of luck getting it solved.
I dont have carpel tunnel, actually I cant remember the name of it. Its more pain in my thumbs. Ive had cortizone shots and they help for a while. Most of my pain began when my book was full and that efile was going 100mph. Now I do more pedis than anything and the whole hand hurts beyond belief. I have taken celebrex with no relief. Sadly I have just learned to live with the pain.
After using my Erica MT20 this week, I can say that handpiece would give me carpal tunnel. What few times I used it, while my other handpiece is in for repairs, it made my wrist hurt and actually my whole arm was sore as well. My Medicool Pro handpiece gives me no issues at all.

So it could very well be a particular handpiece of an e-file that could cause the problem and not e-files in general, but that is my opinion based on a recent experience.
I agree, the erica MT 20 is my file as well and the handpiece is too big and heaby mor my small hands. My dream efile is the YN efile. I held it in a class and it was so light and smooth.
I have carpel tunnel and have had successful surgery on both hands. I had all the symptions, tingling fingers, pinched nerves in shoulders and slept in braces for years. The aching in my arms was so bad I could not work. My hands went numb within 15 seconds of trying to do nails and I was always shaking them to get the blood to flow. Holding a book to read or driving was painful as well. If you are just starting to have symptons get some advice on wrist excercises and see if you can head it off. Stretch your wrists inbetween customers. If not have the surgery, its easy and you will feel relief immediately. I also had therapy on the second hand when I had it done and it made a huge difference in my recovery. Carpel tunnel is definately a serious thing, especially when you work with your hands like we do. Using an electric file can help when you just hand file, but in the long run you will need the surgery. The longer you put it off the worse it gets. Trust me. I had my left hand done in 1993 and my right in 2001. And go to a hand specialist.
i am starting to have my first problems with my thumbs and i wanted to ask if any of you had something similar with me.i'm going to see the doctor tomorrow as the pain doesn't go away and i need to do something before it gets worst.what have you done to ease the pain?how did you continue work?
I just had surgery on my right hand, actually today is two weeks. I'm having my left hand done in two days. I couldnt afford to take off of work twice, so I'm having them done two weeks apart.

You should definitely at the very least, go to the doctor and have them checked. I had nerve testing done and the results showed I was in the Advanced Stages of Carpal Tunnel. On a scale from 1-6, anything over a 6 can be PERMANENT nerve damage and then it's to late for even surgery to help. The doctor said I was a 6 and I was right on the border of nerve damage.

So don't wait until it's to late, and who knows maybe it's not carpal tunnel, but at least you"ll know.

i don't know if it is carpal tunnel or tendonitis on my thumb.or if those two have something similar(starts from the wrist and moves to the thumb or vise versa) i hope it's something that i can get over soon..i feel like when you twist your ankle.i don't know how else to express it as my vocabulary on such terms is limited although most of the terms are based on greek! Smile

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