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Temporary Tattoos/Glitter Tattoos/Henna Tattoos....
Are any of you lovely Nail Techs offering any of these services?? I am considering starting to do them as an add-on service... but I am not sure where to begin or where to buy stuff to do them.... anyone??
Here is an instructional video if anyone else is interested in doing these. I think they are great! I would totally offer these!
I have them but dont do too many because one of the other girls started doing them and seems to be getting all those appts. I think given the right clientel they are cute. Id be more that willing to sell you all my glitter tattoo stuff.
I have been doing airbrush face painting and temporary tattoos for 16 years. I added glitter a few years back as well as some foil.

I really didn't do many in the salon except, a lot of halloween airbrush makeup.

I mostly do corporate events for major companies at their events. I work with 2 agents as well as have my own contacts I have done work for over the 16 years. I've done regular work for companies like Microsoft, Alaska Airlines,, Boeing, T-Mobil, Nintendo, and many more. My crew and I have been doing the makeup for the Seattle Macy's Thanksgiving parade for 15 years now. We put 180 people into airbrush makeup for the parade in an hour and a half last year.

I think the time I used it most in the salon was when the salon offered a kids birthday package. The package was for some hair design such as french braids, nail art and face painting or temp tatts. Other then that, I don't think there was much call for it in the salon where I am located anyway.

They are fun to do and can be profitable if you have the client base or do them at festivals etc. I donated supplies to the local high school cheer squad this summer to do a fund raising event at our local festival. I cut all my own stencils for the glitter tatts. They made $600 that weekend and and another $400 working the kids zone at the Boeing Classic golf tournament the next week for 3 hours (they were paid a flat fee for that one). So it can make you money, just not sure how much in the salon.
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I do them at our home university football games and make a mint. I've had stencils custom-made of our logo, and I also try to get some for the opposing teams each week.
You could also market your local high school athletics' games.
I use Amerikan Body Art for glue and glitter and Faketoos will customize your stencils.
Good luck!
Thank you all! Very interesting feedback! I have not seen much stuff like this in our area, I just thought it would be fun. Jennie, email me about your stuff, I might be interested in buying them!
Sending you an email now with most of the contents.
I bought a kit at the Premiere Orlando show and have done some. I think they're very pretty. It's funny how some of my older clients who always wanted a tattoo but think they're too old will try them.

I bought some NASCAR logo tatts and they were popular for the races this summer.

Just curious to what you other ladies are charging for yours?

I charge $2 for a small, $3 for medium and $4 for large. If they want more than 2 colors, I charge $1 extra.
Colleen, myabe this is why I dont sell many, lol. I charge $5 for small, $10 for regular and $15 for large. I think I create such a mess, thats why I charge that. The other gal thats really into it in my salon charges the same as me but gets a lot more business than me.
I probably don't charge enough. I remember now at the show that they charged $5 for them. I will charge more next summer!

They are messy, no doubt about it!

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