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Vinylux Review!
I just returned from a 5-day vacation, which I used to test out CND's new Vinylux polish. After originally applying it last friday, I noted that it was a bit streaky and not quite as shiny as other top coats. I removed and reapplied my fingers, and they looked better, but still a tad streaky, but honestly probably not to the extent clients would notice. I think it might be the color that lent to the streakiness - Tropix - which is a bright orangey-coral.

After wearing it all week, on both toes and fingers, I basically have two words for Vinylux: Amaze-balls! (or is that one word? or is it even a word?... )

I swam in pools and the ocean, played in the surf, went fishing, played in the sand (literally dug in the sand), walked on the beach, and wore sandals for 5 days. My toes are a tad dull and I have one tiny chip on my big toe near the cuticle. My finders are also a little dull but have very minor wear on the tips only. Not a chip in sight.

I have not applied cuticle oil or the daily top coat since I applied on Friday. Besides my somewhat raggedy cuticles, I am amazed at how great my nails look! (My husband is pretty sick of me showing him my nails and talking about how great they look, LOL.)

I am pretty sold on this stuff and will definitely be offering the full line at my salon. I am debating whether I should sell it retail or not and if I should charge a premium.
daily top coat?
the best things in life, aren't things ...
(05-23-2013, 07:11 PM)loribe Wrote: daily top coat?

Sorry - the Vinylux topcoat is weekly, but I had planned to use the Lumos daily topcoat while I was on vacay, but forgot to take it with me Smile
ah! ty!
the best things in life, aren't things ...
I wish I could the same. It lasted 3 days the first time. The second time i did 3 coats of negligee and one coat of topcoat. After 4 days the topcoat came off my thumb.
I will use it till it is used up. [/align]
I'm glad that someone else has had success with the Vinylux, I too am in LOVE! Amazeballs is pretty much exactly right =) Haha
Hi, gets my thumbs up too, I've just done a 5 day stretch and that is amazing, I normally get 1 day max out of OPI, Essie etc
So far 2 days...I just finished mucking stalls and cleaning hooves and it still looks good. I looked a little "fancy" with my bikini pink nails. Lol. Hope it lasts the week.
Wearing Romantique right now... seemed to go on a bit streaky. I don't really think it lasts any better than regular polish, but I did like how fast it dries.
I had terrible luck. Did everything to the T and she chipped all the edges by day 3 (and yes, I capped with each coat) and the lime green stained her natural nails BADLY. I couldn't even buff it off. Undecided Now it looks like she's got mold. EPIC FAIL CND. EPIC.
CND explained that Vinylux is ideal for clients with healthy nails and that anyone that had delamination, dry, or damaged nails would get staining.
I have used it and found it last a little longer with two coats of top coat. My daughter had it on for about two weeks with one little chip. She works and takes care of kids. The pool does wreck havoc on them, but still waiting to see what other clients have to say.
Glad to hear that I am not the only one who was not impressed. If it sounds too go to be true it is.
I have used Hollywood and Lobster Roll on both hands. One hand with gel underneath and one without. The polish held up well on the gel covered hand but not the natural nail hand. Also, the natural nail hand had stains after the polish was removed. I do like the drying time, but I'm not happy with the stains and wear. Is there something I should be doing differently?
I wonder that Do you guys charge extra for the service with Vinylux polish?
Has anyone tried it on enhancements? What do you think?
I have used it on two clients.

Client One: Normally gets about 9-10 days of wear with traditional polish - the shine is gone after three or four; but her polish still looks ok. WITH VINYLUX: She gets 14 days of wear and the polish stays shiny. She wears one coat of negligee and one coat of of the sparkly sheer that I can't remember the name right now.

Client Two: Normally gets five days of wear with traditional polish - and the shine is gone by day two. WITH VINYLUX: She gets 7 or 8 days with full shine. She wears two coats of negligee.

Neither lady has tried darker colors - but they will soon for fall.
Terri Lancaster
Nails By Design

Luvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv Vinylux. Should change my name on here to that! He he!

Those of you having problems, are you using the Scrub fresh or 100% alcohol before applying Vinylux? That is an important part of getting it to stay on.

Tried it out on myself to see how it would do before using on clients. Was amazing in that for a full week it stayed on. And I love how I can remove it with polish remover. I hated soaking off Shellac and that it took me an hour to do my nails just to polish them. And having lots of fun with the variety of colors and a different color every week. Have had NO problem with streaking.

My only complaint would be that it is staining my nails and I wish it would stay shiney. Anyone else having that problem?
If your using dark Vinylux colors or your nails are not perfect. Use a "base" coat of Beu or Grapefruit Sparkle. No staining that way and the shimmer in those colors provides slight smoothing to the nail plate.
Thanks for that suggestion! I haven't had staining issues myself but this will be great for clients with less than ideal nail health Wink
Is beau and grapefruit sparkle part of the vinylux line? Thanks for the advice. I love it and find it is very long lasting.

Yes, Beau and Grapefruit Sparkle are Vinylux colors.

(10-25-2013, 09:38 PM)Ninas Nails Wrote: Is beau and grapefruit sparkle part of the vinylux line? Thanks for the advice. I love it and find it is very long lasting.


(06-13-2013, 01:05 AM)Melissa82 Wrote: CND explained that Vinylux is ideal for clients with healthy nails and that anyone that had delamination, dry, or damaged nails would get staining.

Oooo... thank you, the clients I had thought to try it on have damage from gel polish (not me) or get poor wear with regular polish due to poor nail quality.
how popular I would be if I stained their nails, eek

thank you for the heads up....

does Vinylux product also require "buffing" to prep the nail?

It's not great that you can buy it from Wal-Mart tho! Check out
(10-31-2013, 08:46 PM)mrs o Wrote: It's not great that you can buy it from Wal-Mart tho! Check out

This is not being sold through WalMart; it is through Salon Supply Store, which WalMart is a part of the WalMart marketplace.

It is still really disappointing to see, though, especially since CND made a point to say it would NOT be purchasable by the public. CND needs to do a better job of vetting their distributors to only let those who requires professional credentials to purchase!

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