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I am Lost...
I have been out of the Forums for a while ... I am so sorry .. But the I did get my nail tech license here i Pa. Woo Hoo.. The question i have is this... a little back story.. i had been out of school forever ( over 2 decades) then decide i wanted to persue the license about a year ago... i did it, all the while when i have been working in the field i have been in for about 15 years , insurance. ( i know two opposite ends of the job spectrum) My question is this ... other than my random practice nails i have NO experience... WHERE do you guys get employment in this field if A. youve been out of school for years, and B you have NO experience? Any tips would be greatly appreciated. obviosly my goal ( in the far off future) would be to work for myself.. but i will never get to that point selling insurance all day ! Huh . If i dont make complete sence let me know.
Where in PA are you located? Never hurts to ask people who's nails you like where they get them done, then call there.
start with friends/family and let word of mouth build it slowly from there!
when I need practice, I have people who are willing to pay my product cost so I don't come out broke in the end!
(07-10-2012, 06:57 PM)sue10 Wrote: Where in PA are you located? Never hurts to ask people who's nails you like where they get them done, then call there.

I swore i replied to this...i must be losing it! I am in central Pa near a town called Selinsgrove. The only salons we have around here are the famiies of Chinese folks .. ( that i know of. ) i am willing to travel out of the area a bit mabey just to get some education , and stay in the "game" lol .

my daughter lets me do her nails, but she has Freakish small and bitten nails... I will have to post a pic.... So it is great training but not easy to get them done... Mabey i could get the hubby to let me do some Sets on .

Needless to say i dont get alot of practice in.
I was in a very similar situation. I started back in the nail industry after a 10 year break from it. My state required me to take some classes to reinstate my license (about 40 hours) and then I decided to take some more classes to get comfortable with products that were not around or popular when I went to school (no-chip and gels). I had practice fingers that I worked on and a couple of friends and neighbors that would allow me to practice. I started out at a small local salon and worked hard, then started my own business part-time, and work at a busy day spa part time.

I would suggest some classes on what you would like to master, practice your skills and interview where you would like to be. Where did you see yourself when you decided to go back into doing nails?
In Sweden, nearly all of the schools use the Nail Trainer for practice. Perhaps it would help you get up to speed until you have some live models to work on?. In the US, Gina Wallace is the distributor:
Iryna Giblett Nail Products Inc., Sweden
I think I'm about 2 hrs north of you. When ever you think you're ready to work, just start calling local salons. I'd try to focus on learning gels, a lot of people don't like the traditional acrylic odor. My friend was in Williamsport for a bit and was doing quite well with the gels. Let me know if you would like to get together sometime.

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