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Full Version: How can i get faster?
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I'm a fairly new nail tech, been licensed for 2 years but worked as an employee in a salon that only offered natural nails so i don't have much experience with artificial nails. I just moved into booth rental at an established salon that expanded, there is one other nail tech there and she is BUSY! So busy that she is booked 2 months out and is frequently at the shop until 10pm, and she wants to unload at least 30 of her clients on to me. Sounds great, what a gift, right?! Well she uses a hard gel for artificial nails, and sculpts on forms rather than using tips. So i bought everything i need and did a couple sets on a couple of my friends, the end product looked great but it took me 3 hours! No client is going to want to sit in my chair for 3 hours and i will never make any money spending that much time. I would love to do some one on one training with her but she is so busy she just doesn't have the time. How can i get faster?
 Also a second question about prices, i don't feel like i can charge the same amount as her. She charges $60 for a full set and $45 for a fill, any suggestions on how to set my prices? Thanks in advance for any advice!