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Full Version: Keeping Polish the right consistency for Nail Art
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First off, I am an amateur, not a professional. I go to my adult daughter's day program for the disabled and do everyone's nails once a week and I've been trying to learn some nail art techniques online. I was wondering, however, if there is some trick to keeping the polish from getting too thick to paint so quickly. I seem to put a drop on my palette, begin to paint, and by the 3rd dip in the paint, it's too thick to paint properly with. This is also happening when I try to mix two colors (as for a gradient or ombre). By the time I'm done mixing, its already thickening. This happens with pretty much any brand I'm trying to use. I feel like I'm wasting a lot of paint. Are there any tips or tricks to keep the paint from drying out so quickly?

Hi Diana
We don't use nail polish for nail art (except certain specific techniques like marbelling) we use water based acrylic paints. Trust me, it works wayyyyy better
Yay! That's SO good to know! I have far more acrylic paints than nail polish! you've saved me so much frustration! I am totally comfortable with acrylics. You just made my day!