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Full Version: Capping with gel polish
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Hi everyone, I seem to (still) be having issues with gel polish shrinking from the free edge. It's happened with various brands so it has to be an operator issue. I follow the same method for base, color, and top. After the cuticle work, I wipe with alcohol, paint the nail plate and then cap the edge. By the time I finish the the last finger, I'll notice that on the first finger there is a very fine white border at the edge, telling me that the polish has shrinked away. I've been remedying this by polishing the nails and then quickly capping all the edges before curing but I wondered if there was a better way. And if this has been an issue for anyone before.
What brand are you using?
I agree.  Most brands shrink. 
I solved this problem by "flash curing". 
This is what I do, it solves the shrinking problem and my clients get 3 weeks out of their gel polish if need be,
1.   prep all nails
2.   put the basecoat on the first hand, and cure.   
3.   basecoat on other hand and cure.
4.   The first finger I polish is the pinky on the right hand.   polish as usual, and cap off.
6.   polish the pinky on the left hand   cap off  
8.  continue finger on right hand....cure       finger on left hand cure.....

depending on the color, I do both coats of color this way.

when it comes to top coat, I polish the whole hand  and then cure.

I know it sounds like a lot of work....all the back and forth,
but honestly, it really doesn't take any more time than polish all fingers and having to go back and fix before going in the light.

I explain it to new clients, and they like the fact that I take my time and that there is no shrinking and that the polish looks perfect.

I hope that helps.    If you don't get what I'm saying, I can try to explain it better.