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Full Version: Has anyone ever been to a nails-only show?
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If you've ever been to a nails-only show, what was the BEST thing about it?

And what was the WORST thing about it?

We hold a nails-only show each year (this is our 9th one) at the Gatlinburg TN Convention Center & we're always looking for ways to improve it for our nail techs, educators & company owners!

This year is going to be the biggest EVER & due to demand from nail companies, we expanded into a 2nd Ballroom. Well, we just sold all the booths in that new Ballroom & it only took 2 weeks!

Now that we're bringing you all these wonderful companies, we need your help getting the word out to nail techs! If these companies who are supporting us do not make a profit at their booths, they will not be back.

So if you've ever wanted to experience mass quantities of nail companies all in one affordable location, here's your chance this year!

Nail Tech Event of the Smokies, 2016

Sat. July 9th - Saturday Workshop Classes

Sat. July 9th (7-10pm) - “The Gala” Meet & Greet banquet

The Event: Sunday, July 10th (1 day show) featuring:
10 FREE Event Day Classes
Amy Becker's Nail Competitions
BIG Door Prizes & the Grand Prize is $1500 worth of nail products donated by!

Mon. July 11th - Monday Workshop Classes

Shop these companies & eliminate shipping, plus get killer demo's:

1) Precision Nails - Jaime Schrabeck
2) MediNails Learning Center - Dr. Spalding
3) Designer Nail Products - Pamela Thompson
4) Tuff Enuff Nails - Brenda Anderson
5) Erica’s ATA - Erica Schlabach
6) Jessica Cosmetics - Kris Ruffin & Nadine Lydia
7) Akzentz - Jessica Briarmoon
8) Safe Salon Supply - Crystal Pike
9) Atwood Industries - Bruce & Nicole Atwood
10) Empower Nail Art - Lucien Henderson
11) Masterworks by Amy Becker - Kira Frazier
12) Wildflowers Nails - Lauren Wireman
13) Dazzle Dry - Vivian Valenty, Adar Venyige & Silva Hagopian
14) Light Elegance - Jayne Berger, Darcy Olin & Tina Heinl
15) Associated Nail Professional - Rise' Carter
16) CND - Holly Schippers, Kim Jones & Debbie Harris
17) Famous Names Products - Pam Black & Wendy Weed
18) OPI - Norma Sproles & Lorraine Whaley
19) PROFiLES - Traci Dungan & Ami McClure
20) The Mobile Manicurist - Tracy Vinson
21) Lucas-cide Salon & Spa Disinfectant - Robert Urfer
22) American Int. Ind./AML Distribution - Michele Baker & Yolanda Ramsey
*Aii owns these following brands that are not numbered, but will be at their booth:

EZ Flow
Nail Tek
Seche' Vite
Body Drench
ProLinc Callus & Cuticle Eliminator
5 Second Nail
China Glaze
It's So Easy nail art

23) Bio Sculpture - Melanie Visser & Tera Anway
24) Backscratchers - Leaha Franks
25) INM - Ashley Francois
26) - Debbie Doerrlamm
27) Nailogic - Rob & Denise Reiss
28) Gehwol Foot Care - Shelley Kessler
29) International Pedicure Association - Deb Bourque & Kimberly Kennedy
30) Tigerlily Interchangeable Sandals - Tyla & Jeff Lusk
31) Nordic Care - TBD
32) E.Mi - Jennifer Wirth
33) Crystal Culture Swarovski - Gina Silvestro
34) Orly - TBD
35) Gelibility - Brandi Hensley
36) proTIPCLIPS - Angela Blaisdell
37) LCN - Michelle Davignon, Athena Elliott & Nellie Neal
38) Crystal Nails - Monika Cornier
39) Tammy Taylor - Tamara Weeks
40) Visage Prof. Supply - Beverly Henderson
41) John M. Sohn - E-z Callus Peel
42) So Gel Nails - Sissy Vandeventer
43) Uniquely Created - Apryll Cook & Dejuan Whitmore
44) Real Gold, Inc. - Bill Crowley & Brooke Gilliam
45) Cuccio - Jen Phelps
46) Valentino Beauty Pure & Vetro - David Anthony,
47) Dreamtime Creations - Kyla Jenkins
48) Bodipure
49) Belava
50) NSI - Malinda Haggerty,
51) N. American School of Podology - Vicki Malo
52) Voesh NY & Avry Beauty

Please copy & share this with all your tech friends, beauty school students & instructors so that MORE nail techs can be helped by these fine companies who are sending us their BEST educators!

Thank you in advance & I hope you can bring your whole family along on your tax write-off "nail-cation"! Gatlinburg, TN!

Jill Wright,
Event Coordinator & Nail Tech