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Full Version: Nail salon commission
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Help!! I have been applying at nail salons, one told me they give 60-65% and two say they start at 40% and the other 40-50% and they paid every two weeks! Is that normal???
yes actually the 60% seems a little too good to be true, I'd dig in a little more. are you expected to provide your own products?
I'm on 70% and I supply my own products.
Google Tina Alberino - she wrote the ugly beauty business - there's an entire section on the right way a salon is supposed to pay.
Hourly rate is correct because sitting for 6 hours and having no clients isn't legal for an employee to be expected to be there for free... 50% of $0 is $0.00
As an employee you need to make a wage . . .there's a lot to understand and most nail techs aren't paid correctly. It was eye opening to read her information.
I'm on 60%/40% i get the 60, no booth rent and she supplies product
Be sure to compare the cost of services, client demographic, other duties required, whether you are getting benefits, flexibility of schedule, and what costs you are responsible for. If you are making 40% of $50 pedi vs 60% of $30 pedi, that's $20 vs $18, and is also likely going to mean a better tip. If someone is paying 60% it is likely they are a NSS or just don't know what they are doing because that amount of commission, if services are delivered with basic hygiene and quality tools, is not sustainable for most nail salons.