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Full Version: Essie LED lamp vs OPI LED lamp
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Hi does anyone know which lamp is best? I am looking for a good LED lamp that can cure gel polish and LED cured hard gel like Gelish hard gel. These two lamps have been the two I seem to like the most. The OPI lamp has 32 led bulbs inside and the Essie has 9 led bulbs. OPI says that each bulb is 1 watt. Essie told me the lamp has 60 watts total. I'm a bit confused about Essie, because, even if I divided the total of total watts with the amount bulbs, it does not calculate correctly. Some LED lamps have 2 watts per bulb.

Can anyone help in clarifying this and let me know what their thoughts are about the two LED lamps? I have attended both classes, however, the nail instructor did not know how to answer my questions.