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Full Version: super newbie with super newbie questions!
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hi, all! i've been lurking the forums for a few hours and i've picked up some tips, but i'm still wondering a few things that i hope someone might be able to help me with.

i'm 20 years old and i'm currently getting my bachelor's degree in art. i have plans to attend graduate school after that, but i'd really like to go to school to be a nail tech, too. do y'all think it would be possible to go to school for nails while attending college? does anyone have experience in this area? most programs i'm looking at only take 6 months so i've been considering taking a light semester so i can complete a program and start doing nails.

also, i'm curious about the importance of working through salons. in most of the material i've read, it seems like a lot of people feel like the best way to go is to work in a salon before anything else. i'm interested in doing niche nail art that i likely wouldn't get to do at a salon, like super 3d decoration or hand-painted designs (not just run of the mill flowers). could i build clientele through working on friends for free and networking or do y'all think i MUST go through a salon? is there a certain time you might recommend to stay at a salon if so?

just a side note: when i say i want to run an independent business, i don't mean that i want to run my own salon or anything. i'm considering different business plans and i think i might try to rent out a very small space in a tiny mall, and maybe pair up with another independent nail artist or something like that. i'm completely fine doing nails on the side for a looong time.

i know this was a little long winded but hopefully some of you might have some input! thanks so much in advance. xo
I can only really answer part of your question as I got my license few months ago. I think you can do both the nail school and reg classes. But it also depends on the school. Mine was part time 3.5 hours a day for three days. I also worked a nine to five job 5 days a week. It's do-able.
the more you practice on friends and family, the better. you might want to do this first in order to get proficient. good luck, you can do anything you set your mind to!
Not sure how class schedules would work out between both college, and nail school simultaneously, but I can say from experience, being a nail tech is agood trade to have under your belt to support yourself if you need to until you get a job that yoy have your degree in....I was supposed to be a nurse, but this profession has been good to me, and I never feel like Ibam working ( most of the time, haha )