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Glass Glaze Complete Starter Kit and Stork Shears
Value $83.00
Courtesy of Backscratchers - Celebrating 30 Years!
Deadline for entry: February 21, 2014 9PM EST
[Image: backscratchersGG_Starter_Kit.jpg]

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Courtesy of VB Cosmetics
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Professional size Thai Essence cuticle oil and retail display unit
Value $114.00 (Retail $186)
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Backscratchers is Celebrating 30 Years!
Value $ ???
Courtesy of Backscratchers
Deadline for entry: April 4, 2014 9PM EST
Atwood Industries 5 Bit Set of Z-Carbides
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Gella Gel Polish 5pc Set
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Lac It! Gel Polish Kit - en Vouge
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IBX Duo Pack - Famous Names Products
Value $34.95
Courtesy of Famous Names LLC
Deadline for entry: June 13, 2014 9PM EST


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