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Full Version: Gel polish bottles
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Some brands of gel polish that I use need to be shaken. The problem is that when I shake them they make a goopy mess all over the bottles. I tried rolling them and the same thing happens. It drives me nuts cleaning up the bottles! Does anyone know any tricks?
I use an orange wood stick and stir it real well, then I throw it in the garbage.
I shake it early as I can in the service then set it aside to let the polish run back down into the bottle. (That is if I can remember to do it!)
Make sure the necks are clean on the outside before closing them up. It sounds like you are not getting a good seal on the cap before shaking. I would also consider a Stir Stick.. they reach all the way to the bottom and have a larger "paddle" than a birchwood stick - this will do a better job stirring especially with lighter colors and glitters/frosts

[Image: pp1031.jpg]

Thank you!!