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Full Version: Gelish "it's a lily" and "my nightly craving"
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I am wondering if anyone has noticed these two colors (It's A Lily and My Nightly Craving) from Gelish changing color? It's a Lily starts out as a nice light pink and after my client comes in a couple weeks later, it is very pale, almost white and some nails are not uniform in the fading.

My Nightly Craving is more lavender when I apply it, then maybe a day later it's more taupe with no hint of lavender. I like both colors though. Smile

I emailed Gelish, but haven't gotten a response. So I wondered if anyone here has noticed this issue. Thanks for your help or thoughts in advance. Smile
Hi, my two Gelsih polishes of the same name do that too. I thought mine were old, but my bottles aren't below half way yet.

I'll recommend another color if the client is looking at either.


can the Gelish soak off gels be cured with and led light? How long?
30 seconds