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Full Version: Signature Nail Systems "SNS" What the?
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I am a wholesaler in Melbourne Australia. and have recently been asked if we stock or are going to stock "SNS" Signature Nail systems.
I am desperate to get my hands on the MSDS for the products.
Sorry if this has been brought up here before, but I couldn't find anything.

Does anyone know what is really in the products? they use words in their marketing like natural, healthy, organic, safest, etc, etc. I do not trust this type of advertising at all, I just need to see the facts.

To me it looks like layers of glue with different shades of acrylic powders used for colour.

Any insight would be much appreciated.
Thanks is advance


It's a powder/glue dip system using color powders.. nothing special, nothing truly organic.. that's all hype..