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Full Version: Callous remover?
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Can any share what callous remover they like. I have a sis n law with bad callouses on sides of big toes. Right side is worse and any long distance walking her feet hurt worse sometimes.... Thanks for the tips !!!! =). Have a great week everyone........ !
I use Blue Cross Cuticle remover and a pedi bit for my e file. Makes the bottom their feet so smooth and it stays that way for at least a month or more.
I use callus eliminator it's awesome
I purchased several to determine which one I wanted to use in my spa and I went with Be Natural Callus Eliminator. i personally have very tough calluses adn it works great on me! We use disposable pumice then a foot file to smooth, depending on the client needs.
I like the remover from DeEnterprises and it's a good rate too!