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Full Version: Gel polish over acrylic troubleshooting
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Do you all base coat before applying gel polish over acrylic ? I have a few random colors that seem to wear,or peel on a few people. Baffling as to why,since I can use the same color on someone else,or even on the same person with no probs. It is a pretty random thing,very annoying ,but other than leaving the nails very rough,or applying a base ,or foundation layer,I don't really know how to solve this issue. Hate having to base coat ,but if I knew it would keep this problem from happening,I would do it....
I don't use a base coat over acrylics and haven't faced this problem...let's wait for other opinions..
I don't use a base when applying sog's either. Tried it one time and it caused problems. Now I finish file and then apply the sog. One thing I did find tho, was that if the nail is filed too smooth, there's a problem with it sticking to nail properly. I don't use any less than a 180 grit file.
I understand what you're saying about sometimes it happens on only one person. I've got one client who can't seem to keep OPI's "Not Really a Waitress" on her nails. She experienced peeling and I think it's more the curing position of the fingers in the LED lamp than the actual sog. Her nails are long and if she doesn't position them so they're not pointing downward in the lamp, the ends of her nails will peel up. The thumbs will peel from the outside edge. We have to work extra hard on her!
Use a bonder, like YN's protein Bond or Linkage over the whole nail before adding the SOG. You'll be filing it off anyway, so you should have no problem with soaking it off.

I use a thin line of Protein Bond along the free edge of the natural nail when applying SOG and the product stays like glue. When soaking off, you'll be shortening the nail anyway.

Works like a charm.
Oh, good idea Harmonysky ! And I should clarify, it is random colors this happens with.Also, I do think sometimes I get them too smooth...need to remember to rough the tips more...thanks for the good advice ! Smile