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Full Version: New Study Finds UV Lamps Pose No Skin Cancer Risk
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Ok, I just posted this on NTR's fb but I had to put it here for any of you guys that may not follow them, or don't have fb or check here first...whatever. I mean, seriously! That poor horse carcass.

New Study Finds UV Lamps Pose No Skin Cancer Risk

Of course to all of us this is old news, but I'm still wondering why this is posted on a professional page as if it's new. Anyway, look at the commenter! Not only is she arguing a point that's been tested over and over again to be untrue, but the way she's refuting it! Geez. Does anyone know what "previous standards published in JAMA" she's talking about because I only found one from 2009. And it acquired its stats on tanning beds from Wikipedia and on gels/lamps from only. And this is a medical journal. Am I being duped? Tongue
From what I gather, it is another study that supports the claims from the one that Doug Schoon, Jim McConnell and Paul Bryson commissioned.