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Full Version: Michigan Practical Exam Help
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Hello! I reside in Michigan and completed my 600 hour manicurist course. The problem is I graduated in '09, but had to leave the state for a few years to take care of family.

So 4 years later I'm wanting to take my state board exams, however the practical portion worries me. I know how to perform the 3 nail procedures....please correct me if I'm wrong....sculptured nail, nail wrap, and blended tip (with acrylic overlay?)

Basically my worries lay within which bags should be labeled, do I baggy and label all 3 procedures ?

For the basic manicure do I polish 4 nails? (I do remember that my mannequin hand must have a pre-polished nail) And if I must polish all fingers, don't I have to remove the polish from the fingers I have to perform a nail procedure on?

Soooooo actually I just need a whole refresher on the setup of my practical. I know all the items I must have, I just need to know specifics.

Again, I'm in Michigan and I'm aware different states administer different practical exams.


I think you found your answer in your own post....

Contact the school you went to or go in and talk to the admissions director and see if there is a state board prep course you could take. Or ask if you can sit in on the state board prep portion of instruction of the next graduating class.

Schools are usually very helpful when it comes to alumni issues because their graduate SB pass rate is linked directly to their reputation as a school. So they want to make sure that graduates from their program are ready before attempting the board because the pass rate is a published cumulative rating for their overall reputation.

When I went back to school in 2002 to get my instructorship I choose a school that had the most tired out of date facility but their pass rate was nearly 100%. Sure their salon wasn't up to date or pretty, but the reality is if you cannot get past state board your education is essentially worthless.

I am going to guess that they may ask you to pay a fee to refresh, but considering your personal circumstances they may let you refresh and even give you a mock board. Either way it is well worth at least asking rather than attempting the board failing and having to go again.
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately my school has since closed down. Upon calling other schools to ask about a refresher, I've been denied.
(07-09-2013, 09:27 AM)brandywine80 Wrote: [ -> ]Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately my school has since closed down. Upon calling other schools to ask about a refresher, I've been denied.

Well Brandy, that leaves you between a rock and a hard place.

I guess the best thing you can do at this point is to go ahead and attempt the state board practical. If you fail it, and if this is really what you want to do as a profession then you should just accept the inevitable and go back to school. After four years out of school and away from the business I am absolutely sure there are new things you can learn by going back.

This time around check with the Michigan LLR and State Board about graduation and pass rates of the schools you are considering. That way you have some sort of alumni support in the future.
I'm not paying thousands of dollars for another class! I don't need help with DOING nails, I just have a few questions about the practical set up in between procedure.!

I am going to boards, I'm gonna pass AND rock that [edited by admin].

But thanks for the advice. After 4 years out of school, I'm one thousand percent sure I can still do a manicure, a blended tip, a nail warp and a sculptured nail.
Let us know how you do.... we're all here rooting for you!

I would bet dollars to donuts you'll do fine. State boards are intimidating, I am glad I took one of the hardest in the US that reciprocates in every other state.

Get out there and kick some a**... sorry you didn't get any techs from Michigan who could have helped you out just a bit.
Thanks so much!! Positive vibes! I need 'em! : )

I am sorta surprised that there isn't a place recommended by the testing facility to rent a practical exam kit from. I know when I took my practical in Los Angeles I just rented the kit and it was completely set up and ready to go. I preflighted it of course to make sure everything was there but it was spot on. I didn't have to clean anything either, just zipped up the case and turned in back in for my deposit.
Thank you, NTR Braden for the pdf file. I found it extremely helpful.

FFSS, I have seen kits online for manicurist exams, however they must be purchased and not rented.

I feel that my best preparation is coming from the pdf file NTR shared with me. It pretty much outlines all my supplies needed, and in which order the examination will be given.

I've always been one to worry about details. I remember a very talented student actually failed the practical the first time and it worried me that if she failed then how would I do? But people test differently, and sometimes nerves can inhibit ones ability to do their best.

My only option is to give it a try, if I fail then I believe they note down the area that needs strengthening. I've been told that sanitation procedures are a major part of the exam so I know to go through each step before and after a procedure, throughly.

I took the Michigan exam two years ago. I think you have to only have one nail polished but I know it tells you in the booklet they give you.
And just over label everything.
I didn't label my kits for each section and I know I was marked down for that.
Thanks so much! That's the input I need!