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Full Version: What do you think of cuccio pomegranite fig scent?
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I am trying to put an add-on and was looking at Cuccio products.
I came across the pomegranite fig. It has a soak, scrub and some other products. I like the scents to be on the strong side so that they smell it and feel like they are getting there moneys worth.
I also see that they have an apple scented cuticle oil.
Maybe I will mix and match. Not sure. Its tough coming up with new add ons.
I once bought Tammy taylor's spa line and it smells like nothing. I am trying to use it up and thats it. So i don't want to keep wasting money. I wish that i could get samples of everything before I purchase.
I also use deeenterprises sugar scrub which is nice and clients love the scents.
Email me private and I will see what I can do about getting you some samples to smell Smile

I use both products and my clients love them. I also have their pomegranate massage lotion and its great. Actually, I retail all their scents and have never had negative feedback on any of them.
I don't have the Pom-Fig - I have the Tuscan Herb & Citrus ...I find the scent level to be just right ..enough for the client to enjoy but not overpowering - I can only assume the other products are of similar scent level ...gonna try a few more scents. I'd love to try the Lemongrass & Lavender but there is no Fizzy Tabs in that fragrance Sad ...I wonder why
I ordered the scrub, cream, soak and cuticle oil. I have a few clients that get so excited when i get a new add-on. Whatever it takes to make them happy and keep coming.
Thanks for the responses. I let ya know how it works out.
I love it .I use all the cuccio pedicure products
I'm using the Pomegranite and Fig scrub and massage cream for pedicures. It's nice and has been really popular. But honestly, all their scents are great!
Thank you so much for your comment. I went ahead and ordered it. I am also ordering the elixir.