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Full Version: Why can I only see the mobile version on my comp?
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I'm not sure this is the right place to post so feel free to move this thread to the appropriate place, but why is it that when I go to on my computer, I can see the regular desktop version and even look through the forums regularly but as soon as I log in, still on my computer, I can only see the mobile version?? Even if I scroll down and click "Switch to full version", there's a screen that tells me to wait, and then it switches back to the same mobile version as before! Very frustrating! I tried on internet explorer and on firefox and got the same message. I also logged out on my iphone and tried logging in on the computer and still, all I see is the mobile version. Am I missing something here? I have been able to use the full version on my computer before, but not for the past few days. I'm a new user and have only had an account for maybe 2 weeks.

thanks for your help!
I cant really say.. that's a new thing to me, no one has ever said they had that problem.. I'm going to have to imagine you might have gotten some kind of critter on the PC.. but the first step is to shut all your browsers, go to your control panel, internet options and clear your history & cookies. Now reboot the computer and see if that clears it up.. I understand how frustrating it can be.. all of a sudden I can't print certain things from the web that I have always been able to print.. tonight after a reboot I was able to print it again..
Thanks for replying back. I did as you said and the same thing continues to happen. I hadn't used my IE in months when I tried to log in from there and had the same thing happen, but I cleared that too and I continue to see the mobile version. I also tried today logging in on my mac computer (also hadn't been used in quite a while, and definitely never logged into beauty tech from there) and I still was only able to see the mobile version. Because of that I don't think it's a bug on my comp. Any other ideas?
Believe I found it.. log into your account and follow this path:
User Control Panel -> Edit Options:
Under Other Options -> Board Style I bet it says MyBB GoMobile
swap that out to "Use Default"
and that should (in theory) solve your problem Smile
Yay!! That solved the problem Smile thank you!!!!!!