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Full Version: Purchasing Products.
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I am a nail tech student.
I am looking to purchase quality Nail Products from Acrylics to Gels-
What is the best place to purchase products? Online?

Ive purchasd gel before but the quality was horrible.

I am also looking for afforadablity but mainly quality.
Everyone on here has been raving about Deenterprises products. I've only used their scrubs etc. but i did love those. Also, you can contact companies and they will send you free samples so that you can see which works best for you.
During the beginning of this year I started tinkering with products from Deenterprises, mainly acrylic at first, and now I am using all products from their pedicure line, except for cuticle remover and lotion. I have been routinely using their acrylic with great results, however, my only complaint, is not having found a pink I really like for pink and whites.I still have a lot of Young Nails product to use up, so I have been ok with that for now. Customer service has been great so far. Request samples, they are very generous about that....