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Full Version: Ski jump toes and nails
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Hi everyone,just looking to see if any of u have experienced this problem.I created two big toe nails on a client w/pretty significant ski jump nails, her fingernails are also pretty bad ski jumps.I am redoing her today because she does not like that the toenails are jutting up and out, and fingernails are peeling...I used Gelish Petal for Your Thoughts, and it wrinkled terribly through all the curing, I am careful to try to use thin coats, but was wondering if the temp in the Salon was too hot, since I have not had a problem with it before, or could the ski jumps be the problem ? Nervous about it happening again...I did not have an e-file to do the toenails, and am thinking they would have turned out better if I did.Do any of u have probs with ski jumps ? Any thoughts or advice ?I feel terrible that she was not happy, as she has been very pleased in the past, however, I have done her nails with acrylic, and only filled toenails she had put on at the mall....
I haven't heard the term Ski jump nails... gotta Google this!
Maybe some people call them spoon nails ? They look like ski jumps, they spoon up in the air instead of having a downward arch, and have like a valley in the middle like a spoon, lol...Smile
Oh no- never saw this - online, pinterest, instagram, Facebook, or in person- am I under a rock?? Lol
Haha, no, maybe you have just been lucky not to work on this type of nail, lol...Anyway, I worked on her today, and just as I suspected it was an issue of temperature, and not having my e-file to shape her toes...both problems solved, and everything worked perfectly, and she was very happy when she left...Smile
I have extreme ski jump pinkies and my ring fingers are minimal. When I do acrylic on mine, I kind of fill the area of the valley with a bit more acrylic so that my cuticle area is a bit higher than normal and this gives a straighter line to the free edge. It's really hard to explain. I haven't looked, but I will wager there are videos on YouTube. Not sure if Tammy Taylor has one, but I would look for hers if she does.
Update: did client yesterday,reshaped, repolished her toe nails with Petal for your thoughts, went on like a dream( used a drill to reshape), soaked off all color on nails except thumbs which peeled off, others were fine, but who knows how long before another bit the dust, redid them in french with Gelish, had no problems. Just I suspected, it was not having my e-file/ drill, to do toes, and temperature in the salon was too hot...phew ! Smile
Holy cow, I totally forgot I posted an update yesterday ! Duh !!!! Children are turning my brains to mush !