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Full Version: OMG Pic of MMA nail ripped
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From a new client who had her nails done by a local NSS salon a couple of months ago. As you can imagine is was VERY sore!

[Image: MMA%20Nail%20Pic.jpg]
O. M. G! I don't know what I would do if I had a client come in like that. Well, I guess I do...I'd send 'em right back out and on to a doctor! Poor thing.
Oh snap....
I would like to educate potential clients about the dangers of visiting "nail shops" but I fear your meme might be seen as racist. Especially since most of those shops are owned by Vietnamese. That may overshadow the desired effect. On another note...I spoke to another nail tech recently who told me she interviewed at an Vietnamese salon and they had her do a set of acrylics. She said it was very easy to work with and the guy wouldn't tell her what brand it was or where to buy it. I explained to her that it could be MMA, and explained why it's illegal. She was just like well if they use it. I think her inexperience using acrylic might make her want to try something easier to sculpt, Instead of building her skills. So if she does start using it it's probably my fault... I figured she should already know about MMA vs EMA. It's sad that this information is not common knowledge even among licensed "professionals."
I've come to find that most people I explain the issues at chop shops to don't care. I don't actually know anyone that has had an issue from a shop and generally neither do they so they don't really care. I'll be honest there are plenty of things I'm warned about that could happen but generally I figure "but it hasn't in 15 years so..." and I've found that is the general sentiment. Particularly here in NYC where $20 for a Mani + Pedi or $30 full sets are on every block (literally).
Yes ppl generally know how bad places CAN be...yet in Jersey just don't seem to care!! We will talk about "it" and they agree with me & most ppl generally haven't had a problem--yes a few tell me they swear they got a fungus * what's worse is a lot say they've experienced "pain" or burning during service.... and think it's normal !!! The common reason they GO back is CONVENIENCE- walk in- no wait- quick services-open late /7 days a week- CHEAPER!! Ugh!