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Full Version: New in-home nail studio is up and running!
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So Thursday and Friday were my first days working in the new studio, and it went really well. I got really positive feedback from everyone about the new location. I ended up having to move really fast, since my landlords freaked out when I gave notice so I had to get out two weeks earlier than I had originally planned.

My biggest concern was how difficult it might be getting new clients since I'm in a fairly remote location on an island, but so far that doesn't seem to be a problem. I had two new clients this week and three new ones on the books for next week as well! At least three of these are actually referrals from a local hair salon that I also refer people to - the funny thing is that I had not told them I was moving my shop onto the island, yet these new referrals already knew - they said the stylists at the hair salon had told them I was moving! Don't you just love small towns?

I don't have an online photo account, but at some point I will get new pictures up on my website and I'll let you know when that happens.

I had intended to do something special for the transition, but in all the rush I didn't solidify a plan, so just basically moved with little fanfare. With all the painting, new light fixtures, new flooring and the move itself that was enough! Now we will finish painting and installing flooring in the rest of the house and then move into the house later this month, at which point I will have an open house so the clients can see the whole place.
It sounds like a great new start. best Wishes.
Congratulations Candice, wishing you much success in your new place!
Thank you!
Well there you go! Glad it all has fallen into place. Sometimes when life gives us a little extra push like that, it actually works out for the better. I'm sure your clients will be super happy too. Win - win !! I'm really happy for you Smile
Hi Laura, you are exactly right, I think it did work out better to just jump in rather than dragging things out, and it forced me to cut out some "extra" work as some things just didn't make the list! My clients mostly seem even more excited than I am, I'm still in the "critical view" phase where I'm looking for ways the studio needs to be adjusted lol.
Congratz! I was looking at your site and I saw your wall-o-bling!!! What magnets did you use to stick them all up? and what are they stuck to?
Saw the pics and it looks pretty awesome! Congrats!