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Full Version: mixing - matching gel lines
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from what I have been reading ...seems like most gel color products can be mixed & matched to some degree?? Like ...the base coat of one line with the color of another ...if you have your fav base & top coats, you can use color from other lines this correct for the most part ladies?

And it correct that using a bonder such as Something Wonderful or Linkage can make the s.o.g. a little harder to soak off? Do these require a cure of it's own before applying gel? I think I read that Something Wonderful can (should?) be cured for 30 seconds first?

sorry for all the questions but thanks to all in advance
I mix n match quite a bit, and it seems most of us do. I've found that using Shellac base provides the easiest soak off. For a top, I've been using StarNail Universal or Nailite's Gentle Gloss.

SW makes SOGs pretty much impossible to remove. When I do use it, I only put it on the very edge (16th" or so) Then when you soak off you'll need to file that edge first. I only cure it if I'm putting it on one of my notorious nail-killer clients. I've not tried using Linkage on my SOG people, but at the price and as finicky as it is, I reserve it for my hard gel nail killers.