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Full Version: French Mani (gel) question
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this is all still fairly new to me (stylist not nail tech) ...I did my first gel French Mani the other day on myself) ...did an okay job - room for improvement of course question is - will the tip always be a little higher than the bed? I guess it would since there is an extra layer of gel at the tip for the white color - but in the videos I have watched, the manicure looks so thin and light, I could not detect that the white tip was any denser than the nail bed ...mine was a bit bulkier - if I tried to keep the application of the white as light as possible, it wasn't giving me the coverage I needed (my white gel was an old product I had lying around and was a 'brush on' gel; I do have some new products on order)...I did end up buffing the white down just a bit to lower the profile some to get it level to the bed - but I don't see anyone doing this in the videos ...I don't want to make more work for myself than needed ...forgive me if this is very elementary ...right now I am self teaching except for the help you are all giving me - which is much appreciated!
maybe it was a really dumb question, IDK!
Sometimes I find that I need to do two very thin layers of the white gel to get the coverage I want without the bulk. Try that and see if it makes a difference. HTH
probably when you get your new product it will be better, try to stir your brush on polish with a orangewood stick. and put your white on first and do two thin coats like liz said. and your first layer of gel don't go on the white. then put two more coats of gel building up the stress area.