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Full Version: I have an opportunity to write a Nail article..but about what?
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I have an opportunity to write a column in a beauty magazine about nails...I'm soo excited but I have no idea where to start...what to talk about or what to say to an audience to make it exciting...even though I can talk nails all day everyday to suggestions????
Here are some leading questions:

What is something about the profession do you think is misunderstood by the cosmetology industry as a whole? ie - something you want to explain or get off your chest

What is a secret or trick that would benefit this industry?

What new product or equipment is available and is making the industry different?

What are current trends or upcoming trends?

Money/Revenue - always gets attention - what are trends, tips, revenue-generators, etc?
Thanx..that's a good start
Tips on business is essential, nails are just the product but to be successful 'new' techs need to know where to start, advantages / disadvantages of working self employed. How to get into a salon, best renting solutions etc etc
Who's the audience: consumers or professionals?