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Full Version: Essential oil ?
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Does anyone know where I can purchase Blueberry Essential oil from ? Thanks
You will have to google it. There are so many EO companies out there, someone has to have it. I buy a lot of soaping stuff from Texas Naturals, they had a lot of EO's
Thanks Jennie they don't carry it either along with several others. Hard to find was hoping someone had a source. ;0).
Let me check my soaping forum, maybe someone know there.
I cant find it anywhere through my suppliers other that blueberry seed oil or the fragrance oil.
I don't think it exists. I have never heard of blueberry essential oil. The only fruits that work for that are citrus (it's extracted from the peel).
I found blueberry seed oil and then the fragrance oil. But nothing in any of my suppliers, Thinking it may not exist Sad
There is no such thing. You can get blueberry seed oil or blueberry extract, but most fruits do not have essential oils.
Essential oils can come from nuts, rinds, leaves, seeds, or roots only, which is why most fruits cannot have essential oils.

Extracts are alcohol based, and are not oils and therefore do not have the true "essence" of the plant and are also not as stable as essential oils. You can also find "fragrance oils" that are synthetic - but I would not recommend it. There is no regulation as to what is put into synthetic fragrances, so you can end up with yucky stuff.
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