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Full Version: Problems with Cuccio gel polish
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So I just got the mini kit with Romania after dark and the led light.
it says it will cure all five fingers at once. NOT. Thumbs are not curing on sides. Easy fix, just put me behind. I am getting shrinkage on the free edge. My prep is a dry mani, followed with the protocol set forth by the company. color pulls away on free edge. Do you dry wipe? Not sure what to do, every post I could find seemed to indicate this would not happen. I did freeze the nails 2 at a time until I had them all polished. Don't like to do this as it adds time. Suggestions?
I would think possibly you applied the base to thickly, that would cause the shrinkage like that. You could dry wipe, but I would try first applying far less base and see if that helps. I found myself doing a 2 second LED flash on the 2nd coat of color and its fine, it didn't slow me down. But again if my base was just a little thinner, I might not have needed to do that. The thumbs are going to be a problem on certain people. I have one I MUST cure her thumbs separately or she has a no cure problem on the side like you said. I am actually very pleased with the product. I've had it on about a week now and th shine is still amazing, no wear on the tips, no breakage, chips.. looks as fresh as the day I put it on.
I have had zero shrinkage with Cuccio, except my one new client who has very oily nail plates. This leads me to wonder, since you are doing the dry mani and then the gel polish, maybe you should reverse the order? It's possible that a product used in the mani (or even wet hot towels around the hand) could be interfering with adhesion. I do removal, application of new gel polish, then the dry mani and have no problems. Except, as I said, for the one client. If you want to continue with the mani first, then I would double-dehydrate the nails and make sure they are VERY dry before applying new product.