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Do any of you who do backfills ,only trench out the regrowth on the free edge ? Or do most of you remove most of the old product and fill as usual starting with white then pink, or reverse method...was watching Tammy Taylor video, where she trenched the smile, then filled white,then pink. I can't remember the last time where I only trenched the white without removing most of the F/E...any thoughts, or advantages one way opposed to another ? Very curious since I am one of the few techs in my area that performs backfills/ rebalance.
I was taught to just trench out the regrowth because it saves time. However you may be able to it faster the other way, it may just be a personal preference issue.
I follow the TT method- just easier for me.
I may go over the whole free edge slightly buy only filing deep over the new smile line. It definitely takes longer to remove all of it...doing backfills with color or glitter is not my favorite part of the job.
Handfile about 75% of product (hard gel) and reapply using pink and white hard gels, not POW. Looks like a new set every time.