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Hello! I'm looking for techs to share their stories about unpleasant coworkers. Has a coworker talked behind your back, stolen clients, blamed you for things she's done, etc.? If so, what happened and how did you handle it? What should you do in these types of situations?

I'd appreciate any feedback. Thanks!
I am still suffering repercussions from a back stabber. I walked off, left everything except my personal items to her, and I am still kicking myself for not standing up to her. A few years ago, I came into a bit of money and was opening my own place. She was finishing school and had been coming to me for about a year and we had become friends. She let me know she was interested in working with me. She had some money but her husband was willing to do the needed carpentery, plumbing, and painting- he did a great job. Things were good for a while. She told me she was a Christian and was active in her church music. She started having ladies from the church coming and they gossiped and ran down everyone except the pastor and his wife- but they didn't like some things the preacher did. She went as far as saying that a couple of the guys had no business in the church and playing music. She also used some rough language and laughed about sexually explicit things in the salon.When she was starting out I asked her to work on a couple of my clients that wanted some ad- ons but hadn't booked the time. Next thing I knew they were going to her. Okay, that was fine, after all she needed the work. Her hubby started coming to the salon when he got off work and they would go to dinner, and she was getting her name out. Still well and good. After about six more months I started getting calls from my regulars canceling. I left one afternoon and had to go back for something- there sat one of my clients that had cancelled that morning. I usually took Mondays off. I went in on a particular Monday and that day she did 6 of my people. I finally started getting calls from my ladies telling me they wanted to use her. Finally I had lost so many clients to her that it was just not in my interest to stay ther- in my salon. Soon after, she had made friends with hairdressers I knew and met with socially- they all of a sudden stopped calling and getting together. I found out from a very loyal client that she had told all this stuff about me all over town. I was so hurt, that I just walked away and gave it to her. After a while we became friends on FB(so she knows pretty much what goes on with me).Recently I checked on three different jobs. The people all knew her except one. That lady had come here from another state. We had talked for about 4-5 weeks before the salon was to open. I went there on Thursday- she did my haircolor , and I was starting on Monday. She emailed that night(Thursday) and asked if I could come on Saturday. On Friday night-late- I did a website, posted on my FB salon page and on my personal page about the salon. I called the lady on Saturday morning to let her know I was on my way and didn't get an answer. I then checked my emails and had one from her. She told me she had got to thinking and decided she didn't want anyone working with her doing nails because she could do manis and pedis and she no longer wanted acrylics in the salon. On Wednesday she posted on craigslist for a nail tech that had experience in acrylic. She blocked my number and I cannot even leave a message on the answering machine. Then a couple weeks ago, my old "partner" private messages me and tells me I need to watch that _____girl, because she might call me to come to work. THat her clients all told her that _____was hooked on meds and had bill collectors calling and the hairdresser she hired had left( girl doesn't stay anywhere long anyway). A couple days later I got a message from a hairdresser friend that had not messaged me in a year telling me the same thing and that I didn't need to come back to that town to try to work.(Vieled threat???) So I am sitting at home, needing to work, and at a loss on how to rebuild my reputation. I have been in this business for 20+ years, and am a former educator for major companies. Shame on me for letting her get away with this for so long. I have learned a lesson from all this- DO NOT TRUST! Also, she would not attend any classes or shows to further her education. I taught her many things trying to help her. I know this sounds like I am just a whiner but that is not true. I think thjat is why I never told any of my clients what was going on.
@ Tn Nail Lady - OMG!!! That is crazy!! I can see how it could be hard to repair the damage that girl did. A lot of nail techs in my area don't want to share their knowledge because they are afraid that you may steal their clients. I don't believe anyone can steal a client - I believe a client will willingly leave you if they are 1) not happy with your work, 2) notice you often are late for their appointments or cancel often, or 3) hear terrible things about you from other stylists/techs in the salon that have been proven to be true.

You were kind enough to share with her what you knew because she was just starting out, and that's the thanks she gave you? Not cool! I wouldn't trust again either, but understand that not everyone is malicious and deceitful the way she was. What goes around comes around, and eventually, someone will do the same thing to her that she did to you. All of your "loyal" clients should have told you about the things that girl was saying about you the moment they heard it if they were truly loyal to you. I'm so sorry to hear that you allowed her to run you off - I would have fought for my salon. After all, you've worked so hard to get to where you are in your career. You owe it to yourself girlfriend!

Bowie, MD
Thanks, Chrissy. This happened about 4 years ago, but the things about the lady that just opened happened in the last two weeks. I really feel for her as now she will be ruined. I am just waiting for a position to come along.
Are pleasant coworkers so rare? I suppose if you're writing a book based on other people's experiences, misery rules. : (
I will consider myself very fortunate . The last salon I was at for 16 years and it was like another set of family members.Some were in my wedding, and now I work with two of them at the new place I am at. The new place I am at ,same thing, although there are a few I could take or leave, we all get along great, and have a lot of fun together. We all tend to help each other ,and we do random social events during the year. I would not tolerate unpleasant co workers very long ,and would not stay somewhere with a bunch of backstsabbing b#@$ches...
I want to thank you for reading this. I have been holding this back for so long and I didn't realize what it had done to me. After I posted this, I called one of my ladies that had wound up going to the "partner" after I left town. She has moved away and is no longer in the middle as that is what I wanted to avoid- putting anyone in the middle. And she likes this girl. Anyway, I told her what happened and she said she didn't know and why had I kept it to myself all this time. You do not realize how much it has helped me to get this in the open and off my chest. I feel like a ton has been lifted off me. I have felt so good the last couple days, both mentally and physically. From this, I have learned not to hold back because keeping things bottled up inside can do a number on you. This coming week, I plan on getting myself back together and getting out and job hunting. Thanks everyone. You guys are great.
This ran longer than I planned.... it took me far too long to learn to move on, the bullies... don't change themselves only their targets.
and I still fall for it, tying to "work things out"
Part of our path I guess, learning....
I was laughing with a used-to-be coworker about another (of the evil sort)who, at an earlier salon, placed her client who had a cast on her leg across the pathway to my station so I had to step over her broken leg in the cast as I moved back and forth. This manicurist had the area to herself until I rented the neighboring station (used to be their snack bar). After two clients (my clients were rolling their eyes, games from this co-worker were the norm) I said I was concerned and thought it better to move her "SHE HAS A BROKEN LEG SHE CAN'T WALK WENDY!" they shouted... well, clearly she walked in, and down a flight of stairs at that....
They placed her in the aisle so every client walked in had to step over the broken leg, when the owner came in and said she thought having her in the aisle was a bad idea, they shouted "WENDY MADE HER SIT THERE!".... They had one of those mean little cabals... always something... in the end this person sabotaged the owner (just deserts), I was long gone by then.
What we were amused by, she is now seeing a co-worker in my current place, calls out cheerily to me "Hello Wendy", like we are old friends.
I asked the co-worker later, "who was that?", thought, it couldn't be her... what cheek...
but the petit sociopaths, never think what they have done is wrong, as long as they get what they want, all is fair and if you complain, you are the problem. Life is simple for them.
One who was the owners favorite in another salon told me, "if you want to waste your time being nice to people who can't do something for you then you are just stupid" when I told the owner a story I had heard them telling about another had not played out as they had said. It is a sadly common attitude.
Another salon the owner used to call clients and tell them their hairdresser could not come in and offer to do them, call the hairdresser and tell them to take the day off... big scene when it finally came out, but I've had clients switched around, were told I didn't want to do them anymore, some called me at home, feelings hurt, so I found out. Owner claimed the clients were lying... "fired" me for "harassing" the receptionist ("you are always looking at your book"), not only did she make a lot of mistakes and not update us with changes (some deliberate, tell a client to come in and not write it down, erase some and book another so they came in together) but she also was stealing, tips, product...

Sadly, it is too common and I think the selfish and spiteful characters on television have made the thoughtless think it is not only ok but "cool" to ruin someone

I've always been amused when talking to an abuser about some outrageous behavior when they tell others, "she's so negative" (or, she's always complaining). This is someone who is not simply not thinking, this person likes to abuse and is able to continue the abuse because they have people afraid they will be called "negative" if they speak out. The target is made to feel ashamed for exposing the abuser. And too often, it works, if others buy into it...
And often the complainer about "negativity" (the new sin) does not care and is too often the person who has nothing to complain about but the people who deal with them do ;-) Isn't someone who is always seeing negativity, like...... negative?

My most amusing... salon owners, an evil pair of sisters, told a group attending a color class that I am a Witch.... I put a spell on their other workers "they didn't want to leave us, she put a spell on them". The friend who carried the story to me told me I needed to sue, "no one will hire you"...
I suspect my reputation for standing up to bullies (no big scenes, just annoying conversations) is a bigger problem employment wise.
As for Witching skills, If I had that kind of power, don't we think I'd dish up a winning lottery ticket (or a really nice and wealthy guy) and just work at home... patio, wind chimes, cappuccino machine?

*cabals... but not as severe, a couple game players including one who plays a "trick" "pretending" to lock the salon door when leaving me and a last client alone at night and talked another co-worker into doing the same. Imagine, that what ever their grudge is it is worth it to risk the safety of not only the hated coworker but an innocent client (armed robberies in the area) both "good" Christians ;-). We have that "not talking to..." game (not a problem for me ;-) ) and the food gambit...
Are you sure you weren't working with the same same person I was?
I've been reading this thread and I feel so bad for both of you, TN Lady and Wendyart. I think I feel worse because as a person who loves Christ, I know that a christian should not act this way. Makes me realize they are those who are what I call a "Sunday christian". Go to church on Sunday to ask God to forgive them of their "sins" they have commited all week long. The minute they leave church, they are back to their old antics.

I've experienced the not so nice co-worker. One thing I do know is the world is round and "what goes around comes around". I strongly believe when you treat people a certain way, it will come back to you when you least expect it and if not to you, then to your children. We seem to live in a multimedia/socialmedia world that amplifies selfishness and jealousness. My theory, be like a duck. Let it all roll off your back, just like the water does of it's feathers.

I've had a few not so nice co-workers in my 20+years doing nails. I've learned the ugliness comes from uncertainty,jealousy or envy. Especially,if you are good and have a love and passion for what you do. There is something about the quality/work that a person who truly loves doing nails shows that someone who is doing it just because its a job never will. I've been cursed, talked about, lied about, gossiped about, stolen from, and betrayed.

Yet at the end of the day, I can still smile. Why? Because, if I were to announce, I'm back in business (I just moved to Canada) I'd be booked within days. The reason, I developed a relationship with my clients. They got to know who I was and I NEVER tolerated gossip. They could confide in me and knew it woud not be spread. I always had a smile on my face on matter what the circumstances/ situation.

Life is a journey.Take the bad co-worker experiences around and learn from them. The nail tech at the age of 17-23, isn't who I am anymore. Nor the 24-35 year old nail tech. I'm now 41 and starting over in a new country. The benifit is I have the knowledge and experience. Don't cry over it, figure out a lesson and move on. However, there is a time when you do need to stand your ground. I guess that's when life experiences come into place.

All I can say is Holy Cow! Good luck ladies.!