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Full Version: Has anyone had success making your own nail polish?
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I was wondering if I should make my own nail polish. Has anyone attempted and does it stay on well and where did you order supplies from?
I never have. Naillite sells the suspension base. sells solvent free glitter. Also, you can buy supplies from etsy. I thought about it before but there are such cute "franken-polish" on Etsy I don't see why I should do all that work. If I was trying to sell polish then maybe.
I've been toying with this idea recently. But more to create a line of polishes. I may try to "cook up" a few colors to see how I feel about the process.
the heck with it! It was so much easier ordering polish online today! Really liking China Glaze.
I've been so tempted... for all the colors no one makes....
so many product lines, it is as if they were color blind to certain variations of hues....
they shade, tone and tint but all their "neutrals" will be purple-ish... mauve... or orange, no sandy beige.. blue pinks or orange pinks, nothing in between
bright pinks, white pinks (chalky) or really dark... nothing in between

it might be worth it too to remix all the colors OPI no longer makes though they still use the name ;-) the new incarnation looks nothing like the original color

I'd mix colors in the "suede" formula, it is perfect for detailed nail art
or invent a "suede" that is clear to paint over any color for a paper like surface

I need a good chemist ;-)
I love to make some of my own but have no idea how to make it LOL... if anyone knows i would really love to know what all i need to make polish and where i could possibly get the stuff Tongue

email: [email protected]