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Full Version: Pricing in the US?
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I have been asked to do some research on nail tech pricing and was curious to see what our US based sisters charge for nails.

Just simple stuff, nail extensions only (gel or acrylic) basic pink and whites and if you are in a city or suburb location.

Here in the UK I am getting prices from £15 up to £30 for the same thing. Products used do vary and of course location is a factor.

Any help you can give would be much appreciated :-)

Thanks in advance!
At least a $1/minute, assuming efficiency and quality.
I'm in Nebraska and in a salon I charge $30 for Gel Polish, $50 for a full set of acrylics $30 for a fill and $38 for a rebalance and $60 for a full set of gels $40 for a fill and $48 for a rebalance.
Here in Manhattan, NYC, depending on the quality of the salon it ranges from $25 to $100+. Gels are usually on the higher end. I've seen tip extensions for as little as $15 in the outer boros
That's great thanks for the information :-)